Mae Nang Prai La Sawat Heong Prai Known for Love,Charm,Luck,Improve Relationship & Granting Wishes


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💝Mae Nang Prai 💝La Sawat Heong Prai 🔸Known for🔸 Love,Charm,Luck,Improve Relationship & Granting Wishes💥

Made specially for Maha Saneh, Siang Choke, Maha Hlong, Metta Maha Niyom

Materials used – Holy Powders, 108 Magical Roy Pedt Herbal Powders

This Mae Nang Prai La Sawat Heong Prai is Believed to highly recommended for Love Affairs, enhancing our Luck, works as a most powerful Love Charm to attract members of the Opposite Gender to us, enchant the target of our desires to be bonded to us, this Mae Nang Prai La Sawat Heong Prai can also help us immensely with our Business and trade matter as well.
Number of Amulets Made, 599

Made by Luang phu Yot,

Wat Pa Ban Sang

Mae Nang Prai La Sawat Heong Prai is a Necromantic Animist Charm known for Seduction, Convincing Speech, and Successful Commerce, from Luang Phu Yot , Wat Pa Bang Sang

The amulet can be used equally well by both Men and Women.

The Mae Nang Prai La Sawat Heong Prai can be carried with you in the Dark Hours when prowling the streets for Love and sexual encounters, or when you’re going to the casinos for Winning and to places of Entertainment and Pleasure.

The Mae Nang Prai La Sawat Heong Prai loves this kind of activity and will perform her best under these circumstances, although she is also Believed to a most capable Business Assistant very helpful for securing for high sales quotas, business deals and commission as well.

For those seeking companionship and love, it is believed, the Mae Nang Prai La Sawat Heong Prai is an ideal choice for a Maha saneh amulet.

There is already a famous local story arising from this batch of amulets about a a local widow who took this amulet from Luang Phu Yot and within a very short time had a new Husband half her age who was very handsome and loyal, with good financial standing.

Luang Phu Yot had performed a round of final spell inscriptions on the rear face of this amulet.

Luang Phu Yot made the Image of this amulet from a mixture of 108 different Sacred Herbal Powders mixed with a mass of Soil from 7 different cemeteries, and holy Powders, adding the rare and powerful maha Sanaeh forest flower ‘Paya Wan Dork Tong’ to the mixture, to ensure a powerful dose of Metta Mahaniyom power.

This amulet as per the reviews is popular with those who seek the ladies of the night, as well as it is with the ladies of the night themselves in securing clients for themselves.

As per the feedback, groups of people have been seen to get very positive and powerful effects from the use of this amulet the Mae
Nang Prai La Sawat Heong Prai.

This amulet is currently being hotly discussed by Phra Arjahns of the region for the powerful and formidable effects it is able to produce. The Mae Nang Prai La Sawat is the conversation topic in the mouths of many people in Thailand right now for its extreme power to get great results in areas of Pleasure and Entertainments and Passionate Affairs and In granting Wishes for Business and trade.

The Mae Nang Prai La Sawat is Known to accompanied by a Hoeng Prai , and both believed to be given the proper offerings as is Traditional for Prai and Ghosts.

This Mae Nang Prai La Sawat likes perfumed offerings, so you should Known to give perfume or other aromatic perfumed gifts like incense.

If you have been looking for a most powerful and effective real deal Prai Amulet to help you grant your wishes and at the same time make you appear irresistible to others whom you fancy, then this is most definitely the amulet for you.

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