Vivid Green Emerald 0.40 carats from the most highly sought after Mines of the Panjshir Valley Afghanistan


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Vivid Green Emerald from the most highly sought after Mines of the Panjshir Valley Afghanistan

Dear all, we have a most wonderful Gemstone to introduce to our Valued Customers ,

The Radiant Vivid Green Emerald from the most highly sought after Mines of the Panjshir Valley Afghanistan.

Emerald Cut

0.40 carats

100 percent Natural Gemstone.

Pictures don’t do justice to the sparkle and appeal of our Gemstones. pls do drop by our outlet and view to appreciate our Gemstones in real life.

They look so much more nicer in person.

Guaranteed Genuine with Full Refund if proven otherwise.

No Clarity enhancement done, minor oiling which is an acceptable practise for High Quality Emeralds.

A little information about Panshir Emeralds

The unique and desirable color of a Panjshir Emerald is exclusively Vivid. While there are several other Emerald sources more recognized, the color of the Panjshir Emeralds is highly prized due to its Rich Vivid and Radiant Green color hues.

Panjshir or Afghan Emeralds are one of the most finest varieties of emerald gemstone. Found in the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan, these precious gemstones are extremely popular for their strikingly beautiful bluish-green hue.

Due to ongoing conflicts in the region it is very rare to get ahold of due to few mines being operational.

The existence of emeralds in the Afghanistan Panjshir valley was traced approximately thousands of years ago. The mining zone of Panjshir is located around 115 kilometers northeast of the capital city Kabul.

In the past 400 years, around 180 emerald mines of Afghanistan have provided tremendously superior quality emeralds to the whole world.

The best quality Panjshir emeralds are sourced from the Khenj mines of Milzeni and the Darlzhenj region of Afghanistan. Among others, there are Mikeni, Bakhi, Butak, Buzmal, and Barun mines in Afghanistan that produce a decent quality of Panjshir gemstone. At present, only a few Afghan mines are operational for mining purposes as mentioned previously.

Known for bearing an exceptional transparency and perfectly balanced bluish-green hue, Panjshir emeralds are also termed as ‘Panjshir valley emeralds’. These vivid green gemstones are named after Panjshir Province, which holds an interesting history behind it.

This region is called ‘Panjshir’, translated as ‘five lions’, to give tribute to the five spiritual brothers who believed to live here.

Panj or Panch means Five and Shir or Sher means lions, hence the Term Emeralds from the Five Lions Region.

Panjshir Emeralds are recognized as the world’s most magnificent emeralds, Panjshir Emeralds are said to be among the rarest gemstones that the earth has to offer us.

The unique luster of a Panjshir Emerald makes it a world-famous rival for all the other popular origins of emeralds.

Generally, the best quality Panjshir emerald starts from $5000 per carat and can range far above depending upon the quality of cut, color, size, carat, transparency, and weight. Ruled by the blessings of the planet ‘Mercury’, Panjshir Emeralds are often worn as the birthstone for people born in May though it may be worn by anyone as well. Common worn in the little finger, ring finger and index finger depending on the Astrological requirements for Gemstone Therapy.

Pls pm if interested, you will truly not find a such a piece as Radiant and Vivid as this anywhere else for the price.

Would make an excellent pinky ring, a true head Turner.

With such great clarity it will also be a very powerful navratna of Choice for those who believe in this.

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