Vedic 9 Planet Astrological/ Horoscope Reading Done by Babaji, believed to Explore your Fortune and current situation. Tarot Card Reading, Life Analysis , Bazi, I Ching


* Detailed Vedic Astrological Reading Service at PPOS***

This is believed to be the most accurate way of determining your Fortune and current situation in terms of financial well being, relationship, health, career, business and many more aspects.

Our Vedic Astrological reading is done based on a person’s birth card, also known as the Astrological Natal Chart or Kundali, which maps all the 9 planet’s position in the current day position based on the person’s date, time of birth, location and ascendant.

In Hindu culture, its believed that one’s life is greatly influenced by the 9 planets or “Navgraha”.


Each person is born under the influence of different ruling planet and at certain times of the year and throughout their lives, this can have both a positive and negative effect on the person’s well being.

Not every period will be the same as the nine Planets are constantly shifting and in motion.

In Hindu culture, knowing one’s astrology is very important because for example if you choose to invest in a business and according to your astrology, its not the right period because a certain planet is casting a negative influence on you in your Kundali, you will have a higher chance of failing and losing your money.

Another example , if you plan to get married and the date you choose for the official wedding ceremony is inauspicious according to your astrology, then the marriage will have a high chance of failing.

Vedic astrological reading can also used to determine the compatibility between 2 parties, be it for marriage, relationship, business partnership etc.

If according to the Kundali, both parties have a negative compatibility based on their stars, then most likely be it a business venture or a marriage, they will fail. Its always best to find out before hand rather then to lose it all after making a commitment right?

Basically, apart from determining ones current situation in terms of wealth, business, career, health etc, knowing your astrology can also help to avoid problems or even bring in good fortune.

Like for example if an astrologer can determine at which time of the year or month all planets and stars are in a person’s favour (meaning very lucky), during that auspicious period, that person can invest in lottery tickets, go to a casino or invest in a high risk trade and still have a high certainty of big returns and unexpected windfall of wealth. In the same way, it can also bring about a period of good health and mental and physical well being.

Our Comprehensive Astrological Reading also includes Beneficial Gemstone Recommendations which suggests Which Gemstones to be worn in which metal and on which finger for optimal chances of success.

In all, Babaji prepares step by step unto 100 pages of detailed Astrological report for each Client and we avail the reading to the Client in full PDF format which they can refer to and retain for their use and information.

Astrological reading has always been strongly believed in and adhered to by high profile people such as politicians, wealthy business owners and even certain historic figures who became legendary, they even had their own astrological readers to consult before making big decisions.

Whether people believe in this or not, success, wealth and fame does not always depend purely on sheer luck and chance. It’s always about making the right move AT THE RIGHT TIME. Only a good understanding of your astrological Kundali can determine when is the right time to do commit on life changing events such as a big investment, marriage etc.

Why do you enter a casino on some days and go back home with a big windfall while some on some days you just lose everything? Well, It’s not always about luck, It just happens that on the day you won or struck big in lottery, that’s also the day all your planets are in favour of you. So it’s always better to know when your planets are in favour and when they are not to avoid losses and misfortune.

So I hope this explanation gives you a clearer picture of what astrological reading can and cannot do.

As we offer this service, on a final note ,its not only meant to tell your current life situation or future,Astrological reading can be done for many other reasons.

When you feel down on luck, keep losing money for no reason etc, an astrological reading can determine the exact cause and best of all, a remedy to overcome it.

This is the good thing about Vedic Astrology, there is always a remedy for every ill influence.

Please pm us to make a booking if you would like Babaji to prepare your Comprehensive Vedic Astrological Reading Report.

We have attached some samples of What our Vedic Astrological Reading looks like in the Pictures attached.

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