Samber Lilin Believed to be The Most Rarest, Most Powerful & Most Secretive form of susuk ever practised in Indonesia🇮🇩


💖 Samber Lilin Believed to be The 💢 Most Rarest, 💢 Most Powerful & 💢 Most Secretive form of susuk ever practised in Indonesia🇮🇩

The Samber Lilin is a type of Mystical insect indigenous to Indonesia.

It is rarely spotted in the wild.

And the Samber Lilin is believed to be associated with great magical powers of attraction and h****tism.

Kebiru biruan is known as the Khasiat or Speciality of this Susuk.

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Believed to be Considered more superior to Susuk Emas (Gold) , Susuk Perak , Susuk Berlian (Diamond) and Susuk (Mutiara) the application of the Susuk Samber Lilin is known to be a closely guarded secret only taught to a select few out of which Babaji is one of them who knows how to apply and install the Susuk Samber Lilin.

As Babaji suggested, this susuk is believed to be 💢 infused in 2️⃣ ways

🥇 Through consumption with something that cannot be disclosed here and
🥈 The standard susuk magic of blowing it into the face.

The Susuk Samber Lilin is believed to enable the wearer to enjoy great wealth luck and increase Business in the trade or industry he or she is involved in.

🌜 It believed to bestow great powers of attraction and hyp•••tism and people who see a wearer of susuk Samber Lilin, find it very hard to tear their gaze away from him or her.

It is believed that Such people often cast a second glance at the wearer as mesmerised as they are by the wearers appearance.

The Susuk Samber Lilin is believed to bestow the wearer with a magnetic radiant personality, it is believed to attract wealth and good fortune to you and it has the power to compel things to be as the wearer desires

The susuk Samber Lilin does not have to be removed before death and it will not cause any adverse effects as sometimes can be observed with other susuk.

***Important notes to those who wish to have Susuk.

Till date to this day in Singapore nobody has ever mentioned the Susuk Samber Lilin as nobody knows how to do it.

It is only known in Indonesia. We at PPOS are proud to introduce this extremely rare susuk by way of Babaji.

Please pm us if you would like to know more details about Susuk Samber Lilin.

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