Roop Phra Hanuman LP Rak, Wat Suthavas B.E 2558


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Roop Phra Hanuman

LP Rak,

Wat Suthavas

B.E 2558

Lord Hanuman is the name of a very powerful Hindu Deity according to the Hindu legends and the name of a main character in the Indian epic “Ramayana”.

Lord Hanuman is a powerful, witty, ardent and loyal devotee of Shree Rama.

It is widely believed that Lord Hanuman can make those who worship him be invulnerable and Invincible to weapon attacks, accidents and mishaps if worshipped sincerely.

It is also believed that worshipping Lord Hanuman will bring the worshipper victory and triumph in all areas of life.

Because Hanuman is very loyal to Rama, people believe Hanuman will bring compassion from a leader to a follower and loyalty from a follower to a leader.

A most desirable effect for those in the business and trading line.

This Lord Hanuman ring has been blessed to bestow it’s wearer with the blessings of Shri Hanuman himself and is the best all rounder protection amulet against any form of dangers.

This amulet bestows extremely strong protection and blessings from Lord Hanuman himself, Protecting the wearer from any and all forms of danger like accidents, physical attacks, evil spirits and black magic.

* Lord Hanuman is regarded as an Immortal and having been blessed with Immortality is widely regarded by His Worshippers and still walking the Earth.

There are many stories of His physical sightings and miracles preformed by Him till this day and its believed that any amulet of His forms a physic link to Him and he can appear to those who sincerely worship him in times of need and emergency to help them out. *

Wearing a Lord Hanuman amulet will also automatically bestow onto the wearer great bravery in times of emergency, great courage to face and overcome obstacles, instill confidence and will power, grant much strength when desired and the ability to overcome all hurdles and difficult periods in life.

Lord Hanuman is also the Patron Deity Physical Strength and is venerated by Wrestlers , Bodybuilders and Fighters worldwide as He is believed to bestow strength.

By wearing this amulet, it will boost ones self confidence, bestow strength, grant victory over enemies and provide one with the ability to achieve any desired goals with the guidance of Shri Hanuman.

This powerful amulet can also protect its wearer against Bad Luck as Lord Hanuman controls all the 9 planets and in Hindu astrology, it is believed that bad luck is caused by the misallignment of an inauspicious planet which oppress the affected person.

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