Nishapuri Feroza Gemstone set in 925 Silver Ring with White Zircon Crystal Bezel Wealth Grabbing Phoenix khodamic Ring Believed to be very effective for Fortune Fetching, Luck Reversal, Career Enhancement and more.


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Wealth Grabbing Phoenix khodamic Jinn

Greetings brothers and sisters.

We would like to introduce another one of our precious Khodams and its Gemstone of Choice

Here we have an Authentic Nishapuri Feroza Gemstone set in 925 Silver Ring with White Zircon Crystal Bezel around the Feroza. Attached pictures will do more justice to the Splendour of the Ring that I can myself describe. So pls refer to the pictures.

This type of Feroza is called the Nishapuri and this is considered the most rare and expensive form of Turquoise there is.

This Type of Feroza is considered very Holy and Auspicious as well.

This gem is truly special as it is formed Naturally with Generous tints of Iron and Copper Elements from the inside of the Stone.

To talk about the residing Khodam is going to be a pleasure.

This is believed to be a great Wealth Grabbing or wealth fetching Phoenix khodamic Jinn.

A Phoenix was know as a mythical creature long ago, and is known to be a loyal entity who can be fierce when in a protective mode.

This Phoenix Khodam Jinn is believed to take the form of a Strong virile Gentleman, in a robe sometimes and, at others times appear as a blazing Phoenix.

This Phoenix Khodamic Jinn is believed to be a Fighter, a Fighter who never gives up anything associated with Wealth for his Master.

He is known to never miss any Opportunity which will be Beneficial for his Master.

He is believed to Grab it and bring it to his Master.

This Phoenix Khodamic Jinn’s Master, should be ready for the Positive Changes that the Phoenix is capable of bringing to his master.

One is advised not be Lazy and do nothing and Hope for bulks of money to appear in front of you suddenly and miraculously.

This is not going to happen !

The Master should do his part by putting some effort and implementing the ideas and following the guided messages this Khodam is believed to send you.

For example, if you are in the Business line, then you may find that new Customers are coming in from places you never expected.

Money and wealth is known to come from unexpected sources when you move around.

Investments multiply and debts are known to be settled easily.

Loans are believed to get approved quickly.

If you are sensitive enough, it is believed that messages, visions or Flashes of information, will be given to the Master by the Khodam.

If you are not, then other ways like, automatic writing, Pendulum or even through dream suggestions will be given.

This Phoenix khodamic Jinn is believed to be a Hardcore Protector of his Master, especially Children and Elderly who are in the home.

When Black magic is to be done on his Master, this Phoenix Khodamic Jinn is believed to ensure the masters safety and protection and will reverse the Magic back to the Sender.

He is known to be a master of the occult and he uses them with wisdom for his master.

Keeping this Superb Khodamic Ring Close to you, it is believed to envelop you with an invisible fence where Negativity will not affect the Master and will keep them in good health and always in a Positive state.

With the help of the Phoenix, it is believed people around you tend to trust you more and will want to give you a chance or an opportunity.

This Phoenix Khodamic Jinn is believed to Guide the Master to release bad habits, addictions and discard unnecessary excess baggage of mental disturbance, guilt and past regrets so as to be more focused and a feeling of being free again.

Many more positive experiences are expected in your life, when you own a powerful phoenix like this one.

With kindness and sincerity towards the Phoenix, you will have a really good life.

Pls feel free to scan this Khodamic Jinn.

This Khodamic Phoenix may be carried by anyone.

This writeup is COPYRIGHTED by PPOS on 14 December 2021

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