Mixed Cushion Cut 2 Carat Bright Yellow Sapphire from Ceylon.


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Mixed Cushion Cut 2 Carat Bright Yellow Sapphire from Ceylon.

No Treatment. 100 percent Natural.


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Pictures don’t do justice to the sparkle and appeal of our Gemstones. pls do drop by our outlet and view to appreciate our Gemstones in real life. They look so much more nicer in person.

100 percent genuine and we provide a money back guarantee from our store if proven otherwise.


100 percent natural and Untreated.

All Yellow Sapphires hold the power of Jupiter, who is also known as the teacher.

A Yellow Sapphire gemstone is also known to be, a Gem of wisdom, wealth and abundance.

It’s colors range from light yellow to fiery yellow, just like the sunset.

Our Yellow Sapphire gems are actually considered one of the most beneficial and auspicious among all the gems.

It is believed that a Yellow Sapphire gemstone will benefit every individual.

Here are a few of the benefits, when you wear one of our Yellow Sapphire rings

-It is known to help professional writers, legal experts and high ranking government officials.

-It helps one to have good oratory skills

-It is also written in ancient texts, a Yellow sapphire is known to aid in therapeutic healing.

-It is known to strengthen and maintain strong friendship and a harmonious marital relationship.

-It is believed that it helps in having successful business ventures

-It is known to help remedy infertility

-It is believed to Protect one from accidents and early death.

-It is known to improve the power of concentration.

-It is known to help ward off evil spirits

-It is believed to help overcome stress, depression and panic attacks

As you can see, the Yellow Sapphire is a powerful gem.

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