Flower Bath Cleansing🌺Also Known As Mandi Bunga Believed To be most Excellent and Effective at Dispelling Bad Luck, Negative Energies and Vibes & Evil Influences. Known for boosting Positive Energies, Restoring ‘Semangat’, for Good Luck and Prosperity


Flower Bath Cleansing🌺 Also Known As Mandi Bunga Believed To 🌬️ Dispel Bad Luck, Bad vibes, Negative Energies & Evil Influences

This is one of the many spiritual cleansing that Aghoreshwar Babaji provides at Phra Pirab Occult Specialist.

⚡ Mandi Bunga is known As one of the most Famous practices in South East Asia especially among the Malay, Indian and even Chinese community.

Regardless of the culture, the method of conducting Mandi Bunga is the same, usually involves using 7 different kind of flower🌺 , kafir lime and other holy ingredients💫


Mandi Bunga has been practiced throughout centuries and is usually believed to dispel bad luck, bad vibes, negative energies and evil influences, in laymen term its known as “Buang Suay”.

The rational behind this, Believed that once a person get rid of his bad energies, the person believed to Attract Good Fortune 💰

It is done by mixing 7 different auspicious flowers along with other holy ingredients.

🏵️ Different flowers are used because in believed that each flowers carries a specific energy or vibration such as
🌺 Healing,🌸 Cleansing, 🌻 Energizing ETC•••

The water Known to absorb the essence and positive energies from the flower, the water is then used to Cleanse the effected person. Of course its not as simple as you think

Only a person who has high knowledge in the law of nature and occult science can perform such Cleansing with full effectiveness like Aghoreshwar Babaji because it also Known to involves energizing the flowers ,prayers and chanting during the shower.

This can be done for someone who is Believed To Have this Followings👇 👇

– Feeling very negative, facing bad luck and misfortunes

– Facing hardship, financial losses without any reasonable cause, experiencing a slump in business, trade and commerce.

– Feeling unwell, sudden unexplained illness from which they haven’t recovered, feeling very disturbed and paranoid for no reason, with a feeling that they have lost or misplaced something within themselves.

– Experiencing spiritual disturbances, feeling very weak and low in energy all the time

– Persons with weak immune system and low “chi energy” or life force, in another word “lemah semangat”

– People who are feeling depressed and mentally disturbed and wish to snap out of it.

Negative energies believed to attracted and affect a person when he/she goes to negative places such as a funeral, hospital death ward, mortuary, cemetery or any places that has evil influences Known As a haunted property or abandoned “dirty” places👻

Mandi Bunga believed to also be done on auspicious dates and times to attract more positive energies, bring good luck and fortune!

It can be done on your birthdays, before an important examination, before going for a important meeting or interview or simply to re-energise the body and believed to gain auspicious energies especially after recovering from an illness or depression.

Attached A Link To Our Youtube Channel, You can View The Mandi Bunga👇 👇


Babaji has helped many people at Phra Pirab Occult Specialist and this is one of the ritual that Babaji highly recommends to most of his clients.

Feel free to contact us to make an appointment.

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