Bia Gae by LP Samang (Wat Bang Phra ), BE 2555.


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Bia Gae

by LP Samang (Wat Bang Phra ), BE 2555.

Bia Gae is known by Thais as the most powerful protection talisman. Biagae is made from a sea shell called “Hoi Bai” that have 32 teeth.

Its also known as the cowry shell that is very beautiful with a humped back with spots.

During the ancient times, this sea shell is used as currency.

The Thais called it Bia Gae as its used as a talisman for protection because the arched back represents a “shield” to bounce off evil energies.

Different master in different temple has their own style of making Biagae charms. Inside the Biagae is filled with Parod Leklai or “Mercury” along with “Chan Rong”, a type of bee that is very small and can only be found in caves.

Chan Rong can also be found in temples for some strange reasons and those dead bees are usually made into charms as Chan Rong is believed to scare away evil spirits.

This Biagae by LP Samang is meant to protect the wearer against black magic and “Khun Sai” or actions of evil spirits with the intention to cause harm.

Bia Gae also has supernatural powers of Metta Maha Niyom and can also bring good luck to the wearer in business.

It is also believed that Bia Gae is a Yonee of Phra Mae Uma (Goddess) that is why spirits fear it.

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