3.5 Carat Unheated, Untreated Ceylon Blue Sapphire Khodamic Ring of Pazuzu the Ifrit King of the Lilu Ifrits and Lord of the Four Winds believed to be most Excellent for Power, Protection, Prosperity , Authority , Abundance and Wish Granting


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Dear Brothers and Sisters, my greetings to all of you, today I am blessed to be presenting what is believed to be the Khodamic Ring of a most Misunderstood Entity forever immortalised as A Hostile and Malicious Entity in the 1973 Movie named the Exorcist based on a Book written by William Peter Blatty in 1971.
I present to all of you the Khodamic Ring of Pazuzu the Ifrit King of the Lilu Ifrits and Lord of the Four Winds.
The Gemstone selected is known to be a 3.5 Carat Est Unheated and Untreated Natural Earth Mined Ceylom Blue Sapphire. It is set in 925 Silver with 2 Mosaanite Crystals at each Side.
I believe this is a most appropriate Gemstone for Pazuzu as it is believed to represent Power, Protection and Prosperity.
Allow me a brief introduction to Pazuzu,
In the Sumerian and Akkadian Version of the Ancient Texts called the Compendia, Pazuzu is believed to have identified himself with the following Lines,
” I am Pazuzu Lord of the Four Winds, I am son of Hanbu and i am king of the Lilu Wind Ifrits. I was enraged against the strong mountains of Injustice and ascended them ”
It is believed Pazuzu encountered other Lilu Ifrits in his travels, and broke their wings, therefore preventing them from inflicting harm to innocents.
Pazuzu is believed to have said “I ascended a mighty mountain that shook, and the (evil) winds I encountered there were heading West; One by one I broke their wings.
Unbeknownst to many people Pazuzu was known to be a Protective Deity in an ancient Mesopotamian religion.
It was believed of Pazuzu that he was regarded as a Neutral Deity who was known to be both Destructive and Dangerous to Evil Energies and Entities but also served as a Deterrent to other Demons and Devils. Pazuzu was believed to be One who would safeguard the home from the influence of these Dangerous Entities.
In particular, it is believed he was very protective of pregnant women and mothers with young kids whom it was believed he could defend from the nefarious attacks of the Great demoness Lamashtu, his rival.
Pazuzu is believed to have been the repellent and Bane of his Rival Lamashtu.
It is believed that Pazuzu was Invoked regularly in many Rituals of the day and depictions of Him, name his Bust imagery were used as Defense Charms against Evil.
It is believed that Pazuzu the King Ifrit and Lord of the Four Winds served dual Purposes,
There are many reported uses of Pazuzu in Mesopotamian White magic in history. It is believed that His Inhuman and Frightening Form imagery was used to frighten away Unwanted Unseen Spiritual Guests, as well as to prevent his Wind Borne Lilu Ifrits / Demon subjects from entering the home and wreaking havoc. Hence it may be believed that Pazuzu is a very powerful and protective King Ifrit Deity in the Ancient Mesopotamian Religion
Pazuzu’s role as a Protective Deity in both ritual and magic is known to be documented on inscriptions on the backs of his statues, or in ritual texts.
Secondly, it is also believed that many Spells, Incantations, and Special Artifacts were used to gain any number of favors and protection of Pazuzu , such artifacts being placed in and around the home, or worn on the person such as this Khodamic Ring that i present to all of you today to achieve any desired effect as per the wishes of the Wearer. Therefore it is believed that Pazuzu is also a Wish Granting Deity as well.
Due to the lack of Research and Ignorance of some creative personnel in the Movie Making Business, Pazuzu has sadly been forever villainised as a Destructive and Hostile Demon which could not further be from the Truth.
It is believed a large number of Pazuzu head emblem artifacts had been discovered with holes or loops at the top, allowing them to be worn on necklaces by pregnant women in those ancient times in order to protect the baby from evil forces. So it is Tragic that a Great Protector Deity is depicted wrongly as a Demonic Entity in a Movie.
Pazuzu is Misunderstood, Misrepresented and Misused !
Just as a Great Poison Cuts away the Harmful Effects of a Lesser Poison and Anti Venom is used to Treated Venomous Snake Bites, so similar it is believed the Frightening Form of Pazuzu is the Antidote to All Negative, Malicious and Evil Energies and Entities that may be out there. He is known to be a Great Deterrent to these Forces.
Given the sheer number of Pazuzu artifacts uncovered, it can be deduced that Pazuzu enjoyed great popularity in those times as a Protective and Benevolent Deity as well.
It is believed to have taken great care and lots of Effort and Skills to invoke Pazuzu into this Khodamic Ring. Even after it was handed over to me, I too had to undertake some rituals of invocation and appeasement for Pazuzu to permanently spiritually install him as Guardian to this Khodamic Ring I present to all of you today. It took me 1 whole year to do so before I can finally make this Introduction to all of you here today.
I would say this Khodamic Ring of Pazuzu the Ifrit King of the Lilu Ifrits and Lord of the Four Winds for the Occult and Spiritual Master who wishes to explore what is believed to be a very Powerful Energy and this energy is known to transform the Life of the Wearer tremendously.
Transformation is believed to occur rapidly and with the swiftness of the Winds, the Wearer is believed to be strategically positioned in life to achieve maximum Growth.
This Khodamic Ring of Pazuzu is believed to be for someone who wishes a life full of magic and wonder and wishes to experience new miracles yet undiscovered.
I have much to say on this Khodamic Ring that I will do so but only to the New Guardian of this Ring. Some things are best kept Secret – Babaji
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