1.66 Carats Light Blue Sapphire (Indraneel )Gemstone from Ceylon


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Light Blue Sapphire (Indraneel) Gemstone from Ceylon

No treatment, 100 percent Natural

1.66 Carats

7.2 mm (L) x 4.1.mm (D)

Round Diamond Cut

Pictures don’t do justice to the sparkle and appeal of our Gemstones. pls do drop by our outlet and view to appreciate our Gemstones in real life. They look so much more nicer in person.

Guaranteed Genuine, will full refund if proven otherwise.

Natural Silky inclusions

would make an excellent engagement ring or simply a conversation starter set into a bespoke ring.

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The Blue Sapphire gem advantages make it one of the most beneficial stones among the 9 astrological gems.

Blue sapphire is known to be the most forceful and quick impacting gem.

For the majority chunk of the masses, it is believed to offer great advantages at an instant through an increase in wealth, a way to get over a problem, etc.

Here are what’s believed to be the Top 10 benefits of the Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Advantage #1

As mentioned above it is the quickest advantaging gem and makes a positive impact that could be felt right after wearing it.

For the ones who wear it the gem has a lot to offer such as good wealth, charm, great opportunities and promotion in a professional career. The positive impact can be seen within 24 hours or 30 days after wearing it.

Advantage #2

The Blue Sapphire stone is suitable to the wearer it can show some of the most astonishing outcomes as it counters the conflict with Saturn which is known as Sade Sati.

The effect can be felt or relief can be seen as a good impact on overall energy, metabolism and avoids all kinds of other problems.

Advantage #3

The Blue Sapphire Gem which also is referred to as Neelam is a great astrological stone that offers protection against all odds. These odds may include hexing, jealousy, enemies and evil eye, etc.

Advantage #4

Wearing the Blue Sapphire Gem offers greater mental clarity, averts the regular confusion and provides the person with precise decision-making capability.

Advantage #5

Blue Sapphire has a good enough impact on digestion or one can say metabolism as it avoids lethargy and assists in enhancing concentration and concentration.

Advantage #6

It enhances the healing capability of the body and relieve the senses and soothes with equanimity and calmness.

Advantage #7

In several conditions, it helps in getting rid of unknown fears, complications, and negativity.

Advantage #8

Wear Blue Sapphire stone as it has a great and positive effect on personal wealth. As it offers affirmative support in multiplying the finances and not to forget the returns as well.

Wearing a blue sapphire can help with numerous income sources as if the person also wishes to have the same.

Advantage #9

Wear a Blue Sapphire to get fame, name and a good reputation.

Advantage #10

This is a gem for the ones who feel spiritually empowered so to offer the capability to person impossibles. It enhances meditation capability and helps in self-realization.

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