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We take great pride in presenting you with a Magnificent, very Fierce but Loyal Garuda Jinn. For those who don’t know what is Garuda, it’s a Eagle. Not just an Eagle But a fiery one full of flames just like the Ghost Rider on his ghost bike flaming hot! If u have a collection of hardcore barangs and they havoc then this will be their Army Commander.

This Garuda jinn is a no Nonsense straight to the point kind. His mere presence can give shivers to the evil spirits and any malevolent demonic beings. He’s naturally a very vicious being but his Loyalty and obedience to his master surpasses everything.

It’s a responsibility when u own him as he’s capable of inflicting serious damages to ur enemies even without asking and sometimes can do the same or to a lesser degree to your friends or family when they offend you emotionally. In short he can’t see his owner getting bullied in anyway. It’s wise to give him the chart of dos and don’ts and he will follow suit.

His speciality is he can make the coward to be a daring person. You will exude Aura of Authority, your deepest fear of the unseen will be gone. Get supernatural strength and energy when needed. Guardianship to the immediate family members. The owner doesn’t fall sick easily. Make the owner healthy, vibrant and full of energy. No matter how strong a Supernatural being is you can’t be possessed. Over the time the owner can cure people who are possessed and can empty a Haunted place even if there’s an army of supernatural beings.

The secret to always keep him in full energy will be shared with the new owner only. With him around you tend to hear huge feathers flapping often.He does not follow a religion and is neutral in nature. He walks the owners path whichever way it leads to

So is he all about protection? No definitely not, He can get things done in a flash and grants your wishes fast. Bestow good fortune and luck to owner.
Sixth sense premonition before anything bad is to happen. Manipulation of situation to owners advantage.
Bestow seduction and attraction by making u look macho and manly.
Improve and uplift social standing, Popularity and charming presence of owner. You will find your vision getting sharper and overtime u might not even need spectacles to see and much much more for you to experience yourself when owning him.

With this Garuda Jinn you don’t need to worry about wording your wishes well or any Backlashes, he’s loyal and a obedient Powerhouse. You will love and respect him for his Qualities. You will need to spend some initial quality time with him for bonding.

For those able to scan please feel free.

Bonus: While in PPOS this Garuda Jinn Caught a stray Kumanthong always disturbing our part time staff only everytime he goes into the toilet, the spray gun will spill water on him for no reason. So as a bonus u will have a cheeky Kumanthong but under the Garuda Jinns control inside the stone absolutely free!

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