Mani Gajah Oil



Dear Brothers and Sisters, we are Re- Introducing, one of the Fastest Selling Sexual Attraction Oils made by Babaji.

Sex Drive Mani Gajah Oil / Namman Chang Oil

For Strong Charisma, Authority, Charming Ability, Seduction and Opposite Sex Attraction.

This charming oil contains a magical formula of Wahn Dork Thong Oil extract combined with Mani Gajah.

Added together is 2 hand written Sex Drive Takrut Mang which Boosts Sexual Prowess and “Strength” during Intimacy.

Due to its solid ingredients, when applied as a tilak on the forehead this will not only make the user appear very attractive and oozing in sex appeal in the eyes of others, the user will also be able to influence anyone and enchant the heart of others easily.

To enchanted a desired person, there is a special mantra to chant before applying this oil on the forehead as a tilak before meeting the desired person. The target will then have a very strong sexual desire towards the user.

This can also be used to enhance interpersonal relationship with people, gain compassion from others, loving kindness, dissolve disharmony in a love affair and help the user gain more popularity.

This oil can benefit someone who wants to use it mainly for career advancement, social climbing, becoming more popular, for adult entertainment purposes and even to resolve disputes. This oil is suitable for both men and women.

Men with Low Sex Drive or Performance issues can apply this oil directly onto yr penis to perform better with their partner and to make their partner go crazy for them and look for them all the time.

It is also believed that those who apply this oil will be able to seduce and sexually arouse the opposite sex easily.



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