The Miraculous Aizdihar Al-Jinn, 13 Carat Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Khodamic Ring believed to be for Extreme Prosperity, Great Riches, Wealth, & Abundance, Good Luck and Fortune also known to Reverse Misfortune, Remove Obstacles and more.


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Good Morning to Everyone, Dear Brothers and Sisters I wish to Bring to your attention today what is believed to be a Jinn of Extreme Prosperity.

The Miraculous Aizdihar Al-Jinni, the Granter of Wealth and Abundance.

The last time I was ever able to get a Jinn from this Tribe was more than 2 years ago. I had a total of 4 then and it was sold our within the day itself.

In the times since it has been very hard if not impossible to get another until recently despite so many customer requests. So I’m.very happy to be able to re-introduce this most Wonderful Wealth Pulling Jinn.

Let me explain about the origins of this Jinn,

This Clan is known to be one of the closest to the Angels. This Clan is believed to live up high in the mountains or amongst the clouds in the Sky. These Jinn are believed to have earned a very good rapport with Angels especially with the Archangel Mikael (Michael).

ArchAngel Mikael is believed to be in charge of distributing Sustenance and Riches to the humankind and every living things, on top of the jobs assigned to him by the order of the Almighty.

He is known to have an huge Army of Angels and multiple Clans of Powerful Jinns to run his Tasks for him and assist him.

Of these Clans of Jinn Our Aizdihar Al Jinn’s Clan is one of the most important clans of jinn.

It’s Impossible to Summon this type of Clan of Jinns let alone Binding them without an higher power guiding and being present.

This Clan of Elusive Jinns is believed to have been first invited by the Oldest Late Chief Conjurer and two Senior members and 1 Junior Novice ( This Novice Junior Member is now Our Chief Conjurer in present times.) about 50 plus years ago.

At that Time some of this Elusive Clan of Jinns who were willing to help Mankind voluntarily came forward to be bound with the presence and guidance of a Revered Saint whose name we are not authorized to reveal.

It’s very rare to get this type of Jinns and there are very slim chances of another.

These Clan of Aizdihar Al- jinni are Evolved beings from different tribes of Jinns consisting of Ifrits, Marids, Jann and some others.

They have gone past the tribal affiliations and work as a Clan.

The Jinn we have today is an Ifrit and he is believed to have been bound in a 13 Carat Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Ring that has been set in a 925 Silver Ring with elegant Floral Design, the ring has also been beautified with Black Resin Laquer following the traditional way of honouring a Rare Khodamic Ring, this Khodamic Ring of The Miraculous Aizdihar Al-Jinni is Priced at $488 only which is great deal considering that the Yellow Sapphire we have used is a genuine 13 carat one which probably costs 3 times as much for the quality we have used, not even going into the workmanship charges. I say this to my customers to let them know how sincerely we Try to keep costs low so as to benefit the customers directly. 🙂.

Coming back to the The Miraculous Aizdihar Al-Jinn,
This type of Jinns can’t be caught in any magician’s Radar unless they themselves want to be shown and wish to reveal themselves.

As per Layman terms, these are Jinns who have ascended Close to the level of angelic beings but not Angels, due to their Virtue of serving Angels.

Many magicians can see supernatural beings but only a chosen few fully developed ones can see the higher power or even the radiant light ( Noor ) that this Aizdihar Jinn emits.

It is believed that a handful of these Magicians had been blinded permanently before by the Light of the Angelic beings while attempting to get a glimpse of them unauthorised as they were to do such a thing.

This Aizdihar Al-jinn is believed to be exclusively dedicated especially to attaining Great Riches Wealth and Fortune for his Owner.

It is believed that His Full energy will be utilized only for the Wealth creation and multiplying it in various ways and means.

It is believed that Money will come in from all the Eight directions.

Its is believed that Fortune will come very unexpectedly. The owner may find a briefcase full of cash, buy lottery and suddenly win the top prize, or somewhere someone u helped once will come back and pay you back in spades saying u helped them once and it’s time to repay the favour.


It is believed that Some of the ways the Aizdihar Jinn may help you can be like You may have a sudden feeling to invest in stocks or shares and suddenly find that the Company Boomed, multiplying your investments. It may also be that you suddenly find yourself thinking of a specific set of numbers that you end up buying only to find out to yr joy that you’re the big winner. You may also be drawn to a trade or business in which you enjoy great success. These are some scenarios that are known to occur. I have witnessed personally at least 2 such incidents that happened to previous customers who got the Aizdihar Al-Jinn more than 2 years ago as well. So yes I believe this can happen.

It is strongly believed With this Aizdihar Al-jinn the Limits are Endless for acquiring Wealth and Riches.

It’s believed that once apon a time, a Prominent Business man from the Land of Sindh had acquired this Calibre of Aizdihar Al-Jinn through his father who started out very poor and is now Unbeatable and Unmatched in terms of Wealth and status.

When the father gave the option for the Jinn to choose the next descendant, he chose the Eldest son to follow because of his innocence and Good Character. This Eminent Person is said to be the one of the Richest Man in the World now.

This Aizdihar Al-jinni are believed to elevate and realise a Person’s big Economic Dreams easily and very fast as long as the person has the burning desire inside him who follow the guidance from the Aizdihar Al-jinn

This Aizdihar Al-jinn is believed to also protect your accumulated Wealth from going bankrupt and against Manipulation from your Competitors trying to collapse or Ruin your Businesses.

An important point to note would be when you get Wealthy and Prosperous do always remember to feed the Poor and give generously to charity.

It’s a unwritten Universal law that when you give someone something for no selfish reasons it will come back multiplied manifold to you.

Many a people lose the plot here and end up back at square 1 again due to the absence of good karma.

We have in hand only this Aizdihar Elder Al- Jinn and this golden opportunity is likely to never come by again.

Only get this if you feel the Pulling as I believe it can only go to someone who has the Destiny of Wealth as I’ve seen from the recent past experiences of my customers who ate doing very very well now. Haha, you know who you are.

Are you the one?

Did u get the pull strongly? If yes and you promise to keep This Aizdihar Al-jinn near and dear to you pls contact me.

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