Phra Pidta Maha Ut By Lp PERN Known For Strong Protection,Wealth Fetching And Smooth Sailing.


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Phra Pidta Maha Utt

By-Lp Pern


Comes with Thaprachan Certificate of Authenticity Card Guaranteed Genuine

One of the Most Rare Pidta By LP Pern

This type of amulets are known for worn by Military officers, Gangsters, Prison Wardens, Policemen and Paramilitary personel etc etc in Thailand who are in dangerous and risque professions for their own safety and protection.

The Phra Pidta Maha Utt amulet worn by especially good for people with low self esteem, people recovering from long term illness and for people who find that others do not take them seriously and respect them.

All amulets from Wat Bang Phra are proven highly effective time and time again in Thailand. Many Miracles have been reported in Thai Newspapers, Magazines and mainstream media of people who have been protected against bullets, terrible accidents or untimely death by wearing the amulets made from Wat Bang Phra.

This amulet can also improve your reflexes, strength and boost your vital energy / life force (semangat) and confidence.

This amulet believed to bestow ⚡

– Improves One’s Metta / Maha Niyom Ability like Interpersonal Relationships, Loving Kindness and Compassion by others.

– Increases One’s Gambling luck (4D,TOTO,Casino) Greatly

– Improves The Worshippers Business / Sales and helps Invite and Attract New Opportunities to Generate More Income and Financial Growth

– Attracts & Accumulates Good Fortune and Blessings

– Blesses the Worshippwr with a Smooth Sailing Career and a Trouble Free Life

– Blesses the Worshipper with Success In Work, Career and Business

– Popularity is achieved with one’s social circle and people will feel the need to help and provide favours.

– Invincibility against sharp weapons and physical harm caused by projectiles.

– Power of evasion. Any type of dangers are avoided through the power of this yant. Can even make the wearer be unseen by enemies and invisible from people who want to cause trouble.

Increase Luck, Fortune and Windfall. Designed to bring wealth and fortuitous results such as promotion in work place, winning in lottery/gambling, achieve higher social standing etc etc

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