Ifrit Khodamic Jinn Ring Known To Be Kanhz Ankh Pattar that resembles a golden Iris believed to be the Most Powerful,Dark Khodam Believed To Find unexpected wealth and Prosperity pulling it in from all directions to ensure the owners well being


Dear all, Introducing for the First time ever, A special Stone is known as the Kanhz Ankh Pattar that resembles a golden Iris within a black Hakik Stone.

This Powerful Khodamic Ring is truly special, beautiful and powerful.

This is a wonderful ring that is believed to promise endless wishes to those who own and look after it properly.

It doesn’t have to be worn, but can also be carried with you.

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This Ring is believed to have a powerful Ifrit djinn inside.

The Ifrit class of Djinns are believed to be the most powerful and dark Khodams available rarely known to be most willing to carry out their masters deepest darkest desires.

The particular ifrit Jinn is believed to be very powerful and can deal with hard wishes.

I am sure that this Ring will go to the right owner. I wish the new owner the very best of luck with it.

This Khodam is Believed to have an Ability to deceive and confuse enemies and leave them guessing as to your true intentions.

It is also believed to find out what people think about you really by being able to read their minds when required.

Other Effect this Khodamic Ring Believed to have,

β˜… The ability to subconsciously understand the art of manipulation and express it to the finest degree in your dealings with people to get the upper hand

β˜… Find unexpected wealth and Prosperity pulling it in from all directions to ensure the owners well being

β˜… May be blessed with extremely strong opposite gender attraction.

β˜… Strongest protection from other Khodams, Black magic attempts and other forms of Sorcery.

β˜… This is for amassing great wealth and prosperity, securing good luck and fortune.

β˜… For protection from the evil eye, against black magic and bad spirits.

These effects in a nutshell mostly cover what each and every person desires

There is more to be learnt and gained. Pls pm us to find out more.

Everyone seems to have gotten on the Khodamic ring bandwagon since we introduced this. But rest assured we are not going anywhere and are always a short trip away to assist you in person everyday.

The hundreds of reviews we have gotten from others customers on carousell within a short few months are testimony to the power of our Khodams and especially this Khodam is really special by way of being known to be an ancient Ifreet Jinn.

According to the Source, This Powerful Ifrit may communicate directly with his owner and tell him more.

The khodam would believed to communicate with the owner via dreams and if need be by whisper.

The method of taking care of this ring will be taught to you

This Khodamic Ring is not for everyone. It is the mature and responsible owner who will not get carried away with it. Who had enough discipline to slowly explore the Khodamic world and use his Khodam’s ability to enrich his or her life in a good and just way.

As many would know by now having visited our outlet, we have received hundreds of uncensored testimonials from our customers who have used our Khodamic rings to help themselves.

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It is a most amazing experience for the customer to connect with the Khodams within our Khodamic Items.

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