Empress Harem Marid Jinni 7 Carat Zambian Emerald Khodamic Ring believed to be extremely effective for all Wishes Fullfillment , Wealth Fetching, Prosperity, Protection and Learning of Djinn Magical abilities and more


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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We have a very special khodamic ring up for grabs today.

Re-introducing the Empress Harem Marid Jinni who is believed to be able to influence One and all simultaneously.

The Empress Harem Marid Jinni is a Khodam that we simply do not see everyday.

Everything about this Khodamic Ring screams Special with a capital P from the moment we behold it.

Believed to reside in a Stunning 7 Est Zambian Green Emerald in the classic Emerald Cut, this excellent Gemstone is set kn a Silver Ring made of 925 Silver. I will let the Pictures do the talking and discuss our Khodamic Entity further.

Let me tell you abit more about this Empress Harem Marid Jinni.

So the Harem Marid is believed to be a Clan of Predominantly Female Marid Djinns who are dedicated in serving their Masters every whim, fancies and pleasures. They are akin to the Angelic Love and Passion igniting Cupid if such a thing as a Cupid really existed. ( Who Knows )

Essentially it is believed that the Harem Marid Djinn is a Beautiful Female Super Charged All Powerful Wish Granting Djinn who although can deal with any Wish requests easily for their Masters, they take special pride and are extremely skilled in matters of the heart , love affairs, inciting Seduction, Arousal of the Sense Organs and creating Romantic Liasons.

This is your average Harem Marid.

Now don’t get me wrong the Harem Marid Djinns are very rare.

In every 10th Invocation Ritual maybe 1 can be summoned.

1 Invocation Ritual takes 3 days from Start to Finish. So that’s 30 days at least if one was to do Invocation Rituals continuously. But such a thing is not possible of course as we all need to rest, go about our daily lives and meet our obligations. So the time period becomes realistically closer to 90 days or 3 months at the minimum.

Now the silver lining is that the Harem Marid Djinns are known to travel in Groups as they are very sociable Djinnis so at a time we may encounter between 3 to 5 Such Khodamic Entities.

Over a period of 2 years we may have encountered close to 20 plus Harem Marid Djinns and this is the One time that our Conjurer had hit the Bumper Lottery so to speak.

For the Empress Harem Marid Jinni , there is only 1 in any clan at a given time.

This is the Khodamic equivalent of hitting the lottery. The Empress Harem Marid Jinni is believed to be an Ancient Authority amongst the Harem Marid Djinns. She is believed to have taught the Royals, the Teachers and Instructors of the Clan the Art of Magic. The One and Very same Magic that the Harem Marid Djinns are very famous for.

It is believed that Empress Harem Marid Jinni taught Seduction, Mesmerism, Hypnotism, Attraction, Manipulation, Wealth Magic, Luck Attraction Magic , Spiritual Fencing and Protection to an entire generation of Harem Marid Djinns before finally venturing forth to our plane to explore Human Life and Human Kind.

It is believed that when the Empress Harem Marid Jinni wishes to manifest herself to her Owner, she is known to appear with a complexion the Colour of the Full Moon, She comes mounted on an animal like a Swan at times, when she walks, a path filled with white flowers appears for her to walk apon on the ground. These white flowers follows her around and the Winds are believed to be full of a Sweet Fragrance and Scented Flowers rain everywhere.

Now let me briefly describe the Appearance of the Empress Harem Marid Jinni, She appears with the complexion of the Pale Moon, She is believed to be adorned with a necklace of White Mother Of Pearls Shells. These Seashells are believed to represent her Spiritual accomplishments and Abilities. Hence we may believed that She has many Spiritual accomplishments and abilities.

She is Known to wear Golden Clothes which is a huge Rarity as the Harem Marid Djinns are known to only favour the Colour Green.

But of cos we are not talking about an Ordinary Harem Marid Jinni, we are speaking of the Empress Harem Marid Jinni.

Now behind her, she is believed to come accompanied by 2 Harem Marid Jinni of exceedingly exceptional Beauty who carry Handmade Fans and are fanning the airs around her.

2 more such Maiden accompanied her walking in front of her clearing the Airs and Paths ahead of her.

She is thus known to be accompanied by a Retinue of 4 Harem Marid Djinns who are each known to be very powerful in their Own Right.

All these ladies are known to wear Garments in Shades of Gold and Green

The Empress Harem Marid Jinni is believed to be an extremely important Marid Djinn whom even the Ifrit Kings pay respects to and obey. Her Powers of Sorcery are known to be second to none.

She is also known to possess the Power of Phophecy and can makes dreams turn into realities.

She is believed to soften the heart of even yr most hated enemy and turn them into friends if it is so desired.

It is believed Wish Granting takes on a whole new meaning with this Powerful Majestic Khodam.

This is my second time being able to describe any Such Harem Marid Djinn with such details as I am able to today, This is because the Powerful Empress Harem Marid Jinni would like her potential Owner to know more about her than has ever been revealed before.

If you want a very Powerful Female Khodam, one who is believed to know no limits, One who is able to manifest anything on the Physical or Spiritual Planes then this is highly recommended.

Be prepared to have your mind blown away and explore new realms of possibilities the moment the Khodamic Ring of the Empress Harem Marid Jinni is adorned.

One should be very careful what they wish for with this Khodam as it is believed that your wishes will come true and we don’t want to be in a situation where we regret what we wished for.

A mature and responsible Owner will be preferred and if no such person is found , we would keep this instead.

May all our Friends be blessed who read this and all our enemies be vanquished.

This Write up is COPYRIGHTED by Phra Pirab Occult Specialist Pte Ltd on the 5th of September 2022 at 09:46 hrs.

Now scour all texts online and you will only find first mention of Harem Marid Djinns from PPOS. Nobody before us had ever discovered such a Khodamic Being and neither is any Conjurer except ours able to conjure such a Being.

So that gave the Harem Marid Djinns we have exclusivity and rarity.

Price: $500

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