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Dear brothers and sisters, a very good afternoon to you. Introducing for the Month of January 2023, our very First Most Captivating Queen Harem Marid Khodam of the Year.

She is believed to reside in this 8 Carat Green Emerald Gemstone Ring.

Price $400

This Dark Green Zambian 8 Carat Green Emerald is set in a handcrafted Arabic inspired 925 Silver Antique Design Motif ring.

The ring itself as mentioned earlier is made using 925 sterling silver that’s been finely polished to bring out a Radiant shine to it and is handcrafted in a traditional Arabian inspired design.

It looks very eye catching and is sure to get people taking notice of it.

This 8 Carat Emerald Queen Harem Marid Khodamic Ring looks incredibly detailed and stylish.

It had been individually handcrafted over a period of 7 days.

Coming back to the Green Emerald Gemstone itself, a very strong pulling semsation or attraction power from this Gemstone is perceived when held.

The Emerald Gemstone seems to pull u in, mesmerising u with its unique inclusions and colour. One may imagine visions and pictures being seen on the surface of the Gemstone.

No Prizes for Guessing why , as this Stunning Gemstone is believed to hold a Queen Harem Marid Khodam.

The Harem Marid Jinns have the Proud distinction of being what is believed to be the most attractive Female Marid Jinns in entire History of the Djinn.

They are believed to possess incredibly Mesmerizing and Strong Attraction Pulling Powers,

When coupled with the inherent qualities of Emeralds,
Which is that Emeralds are known to bring great Wisdom and Wealth, this then becomes the Ultimate Must have combo for anyone.

For those who dont know what a Harem Marid Jinn is, please allow us to give you, the reader, a brief introduction,

The Harem Marid Jinn is a class of Jinns within the Marid jinn Tribe that is believed to have long served both Man and Jinns alike.

All Harem Marid Jinns are believed to be extremely Beautiful and Attractive and are known to bestow the same properties of attraction to their Would be Owner.

It is said that their Beauty and Attraction far surpasses all human women.

Harem Jinns are believed to have been known in ancient records to exist for many thousands of years.

The real value and virtue of a Harem Marid Jinn lies in their dedication and desire to serve, to make their master happy.

They strive, and literally exist for the sole pleasure and service of their master.

Quite similar in some characteristics, they function much more better than mythic creatures like the Succubi, Incubi and Nymphs,
in that Harem Marid jinn are very sensual and erotic yet good natured, kind and very hospitable.

Most unique for Harem Marid Jinns is believed to be their special ability to bestow the same mesmerising and
hypnotic attraction and seduction qualities to their owners and companions as well.

* This is believed to allow their Owners to seduce and captivate the hearts and minds of anyone whom they like or would like to attract, making the beholder restless and totally smitten with the wearer of the Khodamic Ring.

** They are also believed to be very strong at granting Wishes for Prosperity, Material Abundance and all Rounder wish granting as well because they are after all Marid Jinns and are said to be bringers of Great Luxuries and Abundant Prosperity for their owners.

Among all the other types of Jinns, a Harem Marid Jinn seeks first, the Owner’s happiness and pleasures, above all else!

They are believed to find great honor and satisfaction in pleasing their Owner which makes this Queen such a real treasure to behold.

She is believed to be friendly, submissive, sensual, erotic, powerful, and loyal.

The Queen Harem Marid Jinn is believed to be the Fairest and most Sensual Creature in the Kingdom with a Many Other Djinns under her Service and Command.


This Harem Marid Queen Jinn may appear in her stunning true form in dreams, as well as give visions.

Sensual and affectionate communication by the Owner is encouraged to build a strong rapport with her.

The last Princess Harem Marid we had was sold in the Month of September 2022.

This is our First Queen Harem Marid of 2023 and it is Priced at $400, all are welcome to view this Emerald Khodamic Ring of the Queen and all most welcome to try it on for themselves as well. We are sure you’ll love it.

* Pls do note that specific wishes may also be asked from this Queen Harem Marid Jinn who is believed to have more than a 1600 plus Servants under her command.

This Queen is believed to be very loving, sensual, erotic and giving towards her Owner.

The Owner is believed to be able to sense her Love almost immediately and is known to notice everyday people giving him or her a second glance more often and find complete strangers smiling at him or her out of the blue.

Hence it is my observations where I’m led to believe that this is a very active and powerful Queen Harem marid Khodam not to be missed.

This Queen is known to literally spoil her Owner and is believed to readily grant the owners wishes to please them and is very eager.

The Harem Marid Jinns can only be associated with the Precious Gemstone, Emerald and, will only reside within such a captivating and precious stone.

The Name of this Female Queen Harem Marid Jinn and Her Tribe will only be made known to the Owner.

Please pm us if you are keen or better still, drop by our shop to purchase.

Thank you

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