9 Carat Genuine Ruby gemstone The Miraculous Aizdihar Al-Jinn khodamic ring believed to bestows Extreme Prosperity, Great Riches, Wealth and Fortune


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The Miraculous Aizdihar Al-Jinn.

Greetings Everyone,

We are finally restocking today what is believed to be a Jinn for Extreme Prosperity, and most people’s favorite Khodam.

He is believed to reside in a 9 Carat Genuine Ruby Gemstone Ring made from 925 Silver and we call him Aizdihar Al jinni. The Pictures of the Ring attached can better show the beautiful Khodamic Ring much better than I can describe it so pls refer to the Pictures.

His Clan is known to be closest to the Angels and was believed to be living high in the mountains.

Apparently they have earned a good rapport with Angels, especially, with the Archangel Uriel.

Archangel Uriel is believed to be in charge of distributing sustenance and riches to mankind and every living thing, over and above the jobs assigned to him by the order of the great one.

It is believed that he , the leader, commands a huge army of powerful Jinns from different clans.

This is one of the many reasons why they are able to carry many tasks quite easily.

It is quite impossible to Summon this type of jinn, but we managed to do it.

Let it be known that it was not easy Binding them to this ring.

This leader of the clan is believed to be invited by our Conjurer.

He had two assistants to help him.

We were told there was a ‘tug of war’ between the jinn and the three.

They had to work for days before this powerful Jinn agreed to be bound to help his new master.

This jinn’s clan also agreed to follow their leader.

You now know that this jinn is not alone. His whole clan is known to work with him and for him.

This Clan of Aizdihar Al- jinns are Evolved beings from different tribes, namely, Ifrits, Marids, Jann and a few others.

They are believed to work as a clan/unit now.

In layman’s term, these are Jinns who have ascended Close to the level of angelic beings but not Angels, due to their Virtue of serving Angels.

Many magicians can see supernatural beings but only the Spiritually developed ones can see their higher power or even the light that they emit.

This Aizdihar Al-jinni is believed to be exclusively dedicated especially to attaining Great Riches, Wealth and Fortune for his master/owner.

The Following is believed of this Khodamic Ring,

His full energy will be utilized only for the creation of wealth and multiplying it in various ways and means for the master.

He is also known to be capable of many other feats.

It is believed that money will be drawn towards you from many opportunities that you, the master, will encounter.

Its is also believed that your Fortune will sometimes come to very unexpectedly.

For example, The owner may find a briefcase full of cash, or buy a lottery and win the top prize.

It is possible that someone you helped once may unexpectedly come to pay you back what they owe you, saying u helped them once and they want to pay back what is owed.

As the saying goes, ‘ Expect the unexpected’.

You may even have a sudden feeling to invest in stocks or shares and suddenly find that the Company shares soared, multiplying your investments/ wealth.

It is believed that with this Al-jinni there is no limit to your wealth.

It’s believed that a successful man acquired this Caliber of Al-Jinni through his father. His father was once poor.

His father became a wealthy successful man and was still humble.

His father gave the option for the Jinn to choose the next descendant.

The jinn chose the Eldest son to follow, because of his innocence, good natured character and humility.

This son not only became a very rich man but was also a powerful man in his social surrounding.

It was told that, He helped a lot of charities.

So from this story we learn that the Aizdihar are known to help those that help others as well.

This Aizdihar Al-jinnis are believed to elevate a Person’s financial Dreams easily and quickly as long as the person has the burning desire inside him to follow guidance from the Al-jinni.

It is known that this Al-jinni can also protect your accumulated Wealth from going bankrupt and against Manipulation from your Competitors trying to collapse or Ruin your Businesses and lively hood.

An important point to note would be when you get Wealthy and Prosperous, do remember the less fortunate.

You had help and it will be good to help others.

Be kind and generous.

It is known as an unwritten Universal law, that when you give someone something for no selfish reason it will come back to you multiplied.

Many are known to have lost the plot and remain miserably poor.

We have this Aizdihar Elder Al- Jinnis set in this splendid Ruby Gemstone Silver ring, for the right person.

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