8 Carats Dark Green Afghani Toumaline Gemstone Shaitaneen Khodam believed to be Capable of giving the owner abundance of wealth, Prosperity


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Caution Dear Brothers and Sisters ! Presenting to you today what is believed to be an infernal Ifrit, follower of Iblis his king and his characteristics are known to be that of a shaitan.

In short He’s called the Shaitaneen Khodam.

He’s of Dark Nature.

He is believed to have been a Commander as a part of Iblis’s Angel and Jinn Armies who waged war with the Hinn and Binn.

He is believed to be very old, as old as the Oldest Ifrits created.

It’s known to be a great challenge to invoke an Ifrit itself and binding it, Let alone an Ifrit who’s of the Shaitaneen nature and the power so extraordinary. It’s strictly NO for beginners.

We truly want and wish our Customers to benefit greatly from our products and services so they may achieve more Happiness, peace, Prosperity and Health and as its sometimes called for , Protection.

You are the Motivation for us to dig deep into the Corners of the Earth to Provide what you are looking for to make your Life better. In this same spirit,

This Shaitaneen jinn is believed to have an Army of thousands of Supernatural beings at his Beck and call.

He’s believed to capable of waging War against Evil Shamans and making them powerless even to the extent of dying. He’s believed to be Ruthless towards your enemies.

He is believed to be Capable of giving the owner abundance of wealth, Prosperity as well.

Rain of Money/ Gold is believed to be possible with this Calibre of Creatures.

With proper spiritual practice the owner is believed to possess telekinesis powers with a High level hypnotic powers which is believed to penetrate even the most guarded person or a professional in this field.

He is known to be able to retrieve Treasures from the ground or Ghaib world.

The Owner of this Shaitaneen Ifrit jinn is believed to be capable of possessing the art of high level invulnerability like anti fire, anti stab etc.

It is believed if Robbers enter your premises they will become confused and wait to be arrested.

The khodam is known to teach his owner esoteric knowledge protecting him in his spiritual works and in different realms by opening the portals to these realms. He is believed to be very ernest in guiding his master spiritually in the ways of astral projection, remote viewing and other supernatural arts.

This Shaitaneen Ifrit Jinn is believed to be capable of influencing anyone in a Radius of 1000m. He can be a great asset to Politicians, Motivational speakers or a CEO with Thousands of employees. He’s believed to be capable of showing double presence of yourself when required different places at the same time.

This Shaitaneen Ifrit Jinn have choosen a 8 Carats Dark Green Afghani Toumaline Gemstone to be its vessel.

The 925 Silver Ring is classically designed with running parallel grooves on both sides of the ring.

The 8 Carat Dark Green Toumaline Gemstone is believed to inspire the authority and might of this Shaitaneen who is believed to have been a Commander part of Iblis’s Army in times ancient.

Price: $500

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