8 Carat Red Rholodite Garnet, Malika AlraghbaTamanna, The Queen of Pleasures and Desires Khodamic Ring


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Malika AlraghbaTamanna, The Queen of Pleasures and Desires
Greetings Dear Brothers and Sisters, we are pleased to introduce to you what is believed to be a most Special Ifriteen Malika AlraghbaTamanna, The Queen of Pleasures and Desires
Reputed to be a very Active Queen Jinn, Malika Alraghba Tammanna is believed to be a Very Powerful Succubus Queen Known to be lilyatu aibnat Hawa, She is believed to be a descendant of the Ancient One Lilith who is the First Woman God is believed to have created.
Lilith was cursed into perdition for refusing to accept Adam as her superior as Lilith believed herself to be an equal of Adam.
She is also believed to be the most highest level of Ifriteen there ever was.
Lilith is believed to have spawned the Liliatu , the First Primodial race of Succubi Beings that only obeyed and accepted her rule absolutely.
The Liliatu are believed the forebears of the Race of the Incubi and Succubi.
Altogether the ancient texts say there were either 9 or 12 liliatu created by Lilith that went on to spawn legions of Succubus.
Malika AlraghbaTamanna, The Queen of Pleasures and Desires
Is believed to be the Queen of both the Incubi and Succubus Ifrits under the commission of the Grand Dame Lilith Al Hawa, the originator of the Race.
This is believed to make Malika AlraghbaTamanna, The Queen of Pleasures and Desires a most powerful Succubus Ifriteen who is known to be able to manipulate the emotions of almost all setinent beings in the cosmos.
She is believed to be very adept as finding out the desires of her owner and is known to be very skillful at the art Manipulation and Seduction
Unlike what most people are made to believe, the Succubus are not only known to be Experts of Seduction, verily it is believed that the Succubus are gifted at fullfilling all desires of men if pleased.
Malika AlraghbaTamanna, The Queen of Pleasures and Desires
Is believed to bestow the following blessings,
– Reverse the Fortunes of Her Owner for the better.
– Engineer and Manipulate Circumstances and Situations for her Owner ensuring the best outcome possible in any given scenarios.
– Bestow a very high level of Charming Ability, Seductive Attraction qualities onto the Owner.
– Make the Owner appear irresistible to those who behold him or her making it very hard for anyone to refuse requests made by the Owner or disobey them at all
– Impart an Aura of Intrigue and Magnetism onto the Owner thus ensuring they are the center of Attention wherever they may go.
– Ensure the partner or mate of the Owner only has eyes for them and stays faithful to them always never straying away or cheating on them.
– Bring back separated lovers who have moved away due to differences and mellow their hearts and minds creating affection in them for her Owner.
– Ensure Good Luck and Fortune always smiles down apon her Owner and always creating favourable circumstances for the Owner to benefit from.
– Protect against all magic related to Charms that are intended to influence the Owner to become attracted to another.
As the Queen Succubi of Opposite sex attraction, Malika AlraghbaTamanna, The Queen of Pleasures and Desires
is known to ensure that her Owner can never come under the influence of all Attraction and Charming Magick as such matters come under her Dominion.
Her Khodamic Vessel of Choice is a Breathing 8 Carat Red Rholodite Garnet Khodamic Ring made using 925 Silver. Alot of Effort and labour by our craftsman have gone towards the making of this Khodamic Ring.
** The Red Rholodite Garnet is a Gemstone highly prized by the race of Incubi and Succubi ifrits as a vessel of Choice because of the high level of Powerful Vibrations the Gemstone emits.
Also known as a Substitute Gemstone for Rubies, it makes for an excellent choice for those whom Ruby is not suitable for.
The Gemstone is believed to Strengthen and Fortify the Heart, The Blood and The Libido.
As it is believed the the Heart Organ Rules the Passions it is Little wonder that Powerful Beings like Malika AlraghbaTamanna favour and chose this Gemstone.
*Malika AlraghbaTamanna is believed to have made a promise to help her Master turn their every fantasy into a possibility and their wishes into a reality if her Khodamic Ring is worn
This Khodamic Ring is Priced at $450.
Much more can be said but we believe the Customer will be able to feel this Ring Directly and sense the Sheer Powerful Vibes it is giving out for themselves.
For those who have always desired to Own a Succubus Khodamic Ring, this is a great opportunity to get yr hands on a powerful Queen of both the Succubus and Incubus.
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