6 Carats Yellow Sapphire Khodamic Ring Masik Al’Asfar, The Great Money Catcher Jinn Believed to Bestow onto his Owner, Great Wealth and Prosperity, Much Abundance Good Luck & Attract Wealth from all the 10 Directions.


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Dear Brothers and Sisters, a very good afternoon to all of you, Please allow me to re-introduce another very Interesting and most Rare Khodam after more than a Years absence.

Without further ado,

Introducing Masik Al’Asfar, The Great Money Catcher Jinn.

This Rare Khodamic Jinn is Believed to Bestow onto his Owner, Great Wealth and Prosperity, Much Abundance Good Luck & Attract Money from all the 10 Directions.

The Masik Al’Asfar, Great Money Catcher Jinn is believed to bring about in the space of a very short time, Great Wealth, Wisdom, Peace and Harmony into your life.

The Khodamic Gemstone chosen for Masik Al’Asfar, The Great Money Catcher Jinn is a 6 Carat Genuine Yellow Sapphire Gemstone set in a 925 Silver Ring.

The Ring itself is a work of Art and by just looking at the Picture of this Ring you will understand that is this no great Exaggeration.

This Silver Ring is Highly Polished to a Shine, the Artwork of the Khodamic Ring is second to none. The Accents are 22k gold Plated on Pure 925 Silver for a lasting finish.

I shall let the Pictures do justice to the Beauty of this Yellow Sapphire Khodamic Ring of Masik Al’Asfar, The Great Money Catcher Jinn.

This Prosperity Fetching Entity is believed to be of Solomonic Origins, meaning that, King Solomon himself had control over all the Masik Al’Asfar Catcher Jinns in history. They are believed to have all collectively served him thus aiding in and paving the way for King Solomon to becoming the Richest King of Kings in recorded History.

In many legends pertaining to the Jinns , the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone gem is Highly Favoured and symbolized Royalty , Power and Longevity, Hence it was the Gemstone of Choice for Powerful Jinns to reside in from ages ago.

This Khodamic Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is believed to be a Naturally Attracting Magnet for Wealth.

It is strongly believed that the One who Wears a Yellow Sapphire Gemstone on the Finger shall never be Poor & Every Direction that He Turns to, there will be Money Pouring in for Him.

Many Successful People today are believed to have come up in Life with the help of the Legendary Yellow Sapphire Gemstone and believe in it Strongly.

This Masik Al’Asfar, the Great Money Catcher Jinn is believed to Amplify this Yellow Sapphire Gemstone’s Effects by Tenfold.
With this Great Money Catcher Khodam residing in it and working for you, it is believed you may be Unstoppable.

The Masik Al’Asfar, Great Money Catcher Jinn is strongly believed to be known for the Following Traits,

1- Your Wish will be his Command as it is known to many people who own a Real and Authentic Jinn.

2 – He is believed to be an Enlightened Jinn who has reached a high level of Power, Authority and Wisdom with a High Status is his own Realm

3 – His Magic amongst his Kind, is never questioned and is very Strong and Effective.

4 – It is believed that you will find yourself surrounded by more Prosperity and Abundance than you thought possible.

5 – He is believed to capture the wayward Straying Jinns and control them. He has his own loyal army ever present to be at your service too.

6 – It is believed that this Money Catcher Jinn may grant your many desires.

7 – He is believed to be good at Granting wishes, teaching Magical Knowledge, Healing Negative Energies, Increasing Psychic Abilities and many more which most would not understand.

8 – He is believed to methodically navigate Investments & Business ventures for his master and make Profit.

9 – He is a Fierce Protector, meaning he knows how to look after your Assets, Valuables and your Personal Protection

10 – He is also known to protect you against any Evils from the Spirit world.

Because of Masik Al’Asfar, the Great Money Catcher Jinn vast Travels and Experiences through time, he is believed to know very well, what is Evil and what is Not and is known to guide his Owner correctly throughout their lifes journey with good people around

Unlike the majority of people who at times may only discover Traitors, Cheats and Jealous ill intentioned People too late in life well after they have taken advantage of us.

This Khodam is believed to prevent such people from coming into your life.

There’s more to be said of This Good Jinn but we will reserve it for the New Master.

**More will be revealed to the Owner as some Khodamic secrets pertaining to this Khodam are simply not to shared with anyone except unless if you are the Master

Before We end, ln a Final Note, this Great Money Catcher is believed to bring you Luxury, Fame, Protection, a Good Happy Life, Warm Friendly People all around.

You may certainly enhance these blessings by being a Good and Caring, Responsible Human Being.

If you need anything else, try asking Masik Al’Asfar, The Great Money Catcher Jinn and see how Your Wish is his command.

Please pm us if interested, only 1 available after a very long time.

For those who can scan, go ahead.

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