Australian Crystal Opal Queen Paras Ifriteen Khodam Ring known for ushering in Extreme Wealth , Prosperity, Good Luck and Fortune. Believed to be most excellent for Financial Success, Abundance and More


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Malikat Paras Ifriteen

Introducing today what is believed to be an Queen Ifriteen Khodam known for ushering in Extreme Wealth , Prosperity and Good Fortune.

We have managed to source for and summon only 1 after a wait of more than 2 years.

The Queen ‘ Paras ‘( The Opal that Turns all to Gold ) Ifriteen.

There’s something really Special about this natural Australian Crystal Opal Stone that gives out a multi coloured greenish Golden hue and sometimes it turns into a mesmerising Rainbow hue.

This is believed to reflect the Owners Luck and Fortune. It is believed that when the colour is viewed as Gold or Rainbow that the Owners Luck and Fortune is at its Peak.

Going back to This Queen Ifriteen, she is Believed to be from the same Clan as the Earlier Paras Khodam we had in 2020.

This Queen is believed to be the Ruler of the Paras Clan due to being very senior in standing and age.

Her Clan As@@@@@@@ is believed to be in charge of Safeguarding Tons of Gold and Precious Stones and Riches that are kept beneath the earth in the Spiritual Realm.

This very Reclusive Ifriteen Queen is known to have been inhabiting and wandering through the all the Regions of Earth as Her domain is very large and spread out. She had taken special fancy to the Mesmerising Gemstone Opal and the region of Australia.

This Paras Ifriteen Queen is known to have several legions of Helpers under her.

They may all serve the Owner through the Orders of this Paras Ifriteen Queen

This is believed to be a Queen Paras Ifriteen

You do not own Her

The Beautiful White Opal Khodamic Ring serves as a vessel for Her and an entry point or doorway into our World.

The Relationship between the Owner of the Khodamic Ring and this Paras Queen Ifriteen would be one friendship and mutual respect.

This Paras Queen Ifriteen’s Clan was believed to have been invoked and had taken an Oath together with some other Ancient and Powerful Clans and charged by Divine Providence to Protect the Spiritual Treasures of the Earth at any cost and inflict a Gory death to anyone undeserving who tried to take the Treasures from these sacred places under the Guidance of the Powerful MahaRishis of that time.

This Paras Queen Ifriteen is known to have been one of the few True Rulers of the Clan.

This Ifriteen Queen was Summoned and Ritualistically invited willing to inhabit the Stunning Crystal Opal gemstone we have as she has a great liking for Opal Gemstones.

* Crystal Opals are very expensive Gemstones and can cost several thousands of dollars per carat for those with very rich and vivid colors. You can certainly compare our Opal to others online and check for yourself the estimated value of such a piece which we have.

This Paras Ifriteen Queen is believed to be dedicated and focused especially on bestowing Wealth and Riches to the Owner who pleases her.

Her Full energies are believed to be utilized only for the Wealth Creation and multiplying it in various ways.

Verily it is believed that Money and Wealth will come in from all the eight directions to those who are able to please a Paras Ifriteen Queen of this stature.

It goes without saying that Ifrits are known for their vast formidable powers and great immense strength.

The Paras Khodam are strongly recommended for those who have found it hard to see changes in their fortune and prosperity and wish to have good things happen fast for them.

Only 1 available.

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