50 Carats Razaqqi Feroza Turcoise Silver Khodamic Ring believed to House The Holy Marid Jinni who Brings Good Luck and Fortune and Reverses Bad Luck, Misfortune and removes Obstacles


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The Holy Marid Jinni who Brings Good Luck and Fortune and Reverses Bad Luck.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, a very good Morning to all of you.

I believe the simplest description is the most accurate for this Khodamic Ring that I’m about to introduce to all of you.

From our Premium collection, we introduce, our latest Razaqqi Pure Sky Blue Feroza Turquoise Gemstone.

This is close to 50 Carats Cabochon Razaqqi Feroza in size.

This Ferosa we have is called the Razaqqi Feroza from Iranian mines. The Razaqqi Feroza is considered to be the highest quality of Ferozas in the World.

This is the exact same type of Feroza that the Bollywood Megastar Salman Khan is believed to have worn on his wrist without fail for the last 15 Years. You may see it on his wrist in any of his Movies and he is believed to never remove or take it out ever.

It is believed that when the Suoerstar was at a slump in his career, he was advised to wear it and since then his career skyrocketed and made him the Mega Superstar that he is today.

Hence this is exactly why I have introduced this Khodamic Ring right from the Start as The Holy Marid Jinni who Brings Good Luck and Fortune and Reverses Bad Luck.

The Razaqqi Ferozas is known to be exceptionally holy and are considered sacred in certain cultures.

This Particular Feroza is believed to be home to a Most Ancient and Powerful Khodam.

It is believed that residing within this Feroza is an ancient most powerful Khodam who is most exceptionally gifted in fulfilling wishes and accumulating Wealth, Good Luck and Fortune and amassing Prosperity for the wearer.

The Feroza is considered sacred in middle eastern cultures due to the widely held belief that amongst all the stones and minerals in the world, it was the Holy Feroza that accepted God Almighty’s word and His Dominion over all.

It is also believed that the prophet had declared that the Wearer of the holy stone Feroza would find himself safe from all Troubles and Dangers, that God will find it hard not to answer the prayers of a person wearing a Feroza ring.

It has been a common belief that the Feroza has the power to change the Wearer’s destiny and status in life.

Through personal experience I have noted that each customer who had purchased a Feroza Ring from us without fail has always fared much better that before. This is a real life experience and also something that I myself believe in wearing one myself.

The Sheer Holy Aura of this Khodamic ring speaks for itself, when held it instills a great sense of confidence and gives off a most positive vibe not felt before.

Looking at the turquoise, it may seem like you are looking at the ocean from high above, or for some, it may look like one is looking at the skies with cloud formations.

Either way you see it, this Holy Marid Jinni residing entity had a part to play in it.

The Turquoise, or Feroza, sits on a Gold Laquered Bezel prominently held firmly in place by the crown tips. The ring is made from 100%, 925, Sterling silver.

On the shoulder of the ring, you will see, intricately cut, a beautiful floral motif, with a 3D effect.

This Ring is handcrafted by our Master Craftsman with the Greatest of Care bearing in mind the Great Khodam whose Home it has become.

If you are experiencing difficulties in day to day life,

You frequently find things not going to plan and not in your favour,

Someone else always seems to have all the Luck,

No matter what you do you don’t seem to be able to catch a break,

People tend to not appreciate you and ignore you,

Work is stagnant and chances of a promotion is unlikely,

Business is slow and things seem to be at an all time low,

If such scenarios seem to be a common occurrence and you would like to change it, then I believe you must at least give yourself a chance and try this Khodamic Ring.

All I can say is this, if you follow our advice as pertains to this Khodamic Ring, you will never complain.

The Holy Marid Jinni who Brings Good Luck and Fortune and Reverses Bad Luck is a serious heavy hitter Khodamic Ring.

It is no joke to say in the least,
and we have not been in any particular hurry to sell this ring as it has been with us for more than a year.

I believe things should be done at a correct time when it is fated.

All signs pointed to me finally doing a write up for this Khodamic Ring of the Holy Marid Jinni after getting a sign for the Holy Khodam to do so.

He is believed to be Ancient, Powerful and Wise, things are expected to change positively for the Wearer fast.

I know there must be someone who is need of something like this.

I sincerely hope this Most Auspicious and Lucky Razaqqi Feroza Khodamic Ring of The Holy Marid Jinni who Brings Good Luck and Fortune and Reverses Bad Luck goes to someone truly deserving.

If you realise, I have not mentioned much about this Khodamic Entity.

***The reason being this is the Closest I can say I’ve been to a Jinni who is almost Angelic. Hence I have chosen a Khodamic Pic that most closely resembles this Angelic Khodamic who is surrounded by a Holy Bluish White Aura and Light.

There is not much I will say except I highly recommend it and it is suitable for one and all.

If you can feel a pulling for this Ring, then you may be the One this Ring has been waiting for. You’re most welcome over whoever you may be.

God bless Everyone who reads this, I mean it.

Have a great day ahead.

Priced at $400 for this Solid Ring that will last Lifetimes and may be passed down the Generations as a heirloom.


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