40 Carats Suleimani Hakik The Maleuun Curse Ifrit


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The Maleuun Curse Ifrit

Good Evening to everyone, Bringing to your attention today what’s believed to be an Ifrit who is darker than a Shadow and who had pledged allegiance to Iblees ( Shaitan).

This Jinn , He’s believed to be very dark by nature and wouldn’t think twice about harming someone.

The only exception to this is his Master and His Master’s Family whom he’s bound to serve faithfully and truthfully.

The Maleuun is believed to be full of hatred for humankind and is believed to be best utilized against your enemies, against those whom you can’t do anything in the legal way, to destroy business competitors who have caused you great loss or damage or the ones who have wronged you and have no regrets doing it.

This Khodam is believed to be very manipulative, known to create confusion and strife amongst his Master’s enemies, unnecessary doubts and even may give destructive thoughts to whom you wish to affect.

The master of the Maleuun should have some hatred inside him against those who have wronged him or her and an experienced and steady hand to be able to Maneuver this Calibre of Powerful Jinn.

He’s believed to provide his Master with hardcore protection from any evil beings in the universe as he’s in cahoots with them.

Whatever form of Sorcery , witchcraft one may practise or black magic items you may have, it is believed the power og these may be amplified when you keep This Jinn’s Khodamic Ring together with these item or worn on the self.

With this Jinn it’s believed that u may easily wish for 1 ONS with anyone u just saw who caught your attention. ( Pls do not misuse this Jinn )

The master is believed to Look much more younger and more handsome or beautiful to people whom you have an eye on.

It is believed You will seem to exude a mysterious aura which they can’t resist.

It’s also believed that when you want someone or your enemy’s family to be destroyed, you simply put this Maleuun to work by placing the Khodamic Ring on their Picture ( comes with further instructions apon purchase ) and that’s it.

You may also even write down the names and details of your enemies on a piece of paper and place it together with this Maleuun’s Khodamic Ring and burn it afterwards and rub the Ash on the Haqiq Gemstone of the Ring. ( Exact Method will be taught )

Doing so it is believed The whole household of the ememy will be cursed, one by one their downfall will begin.

Soon it is believed they will be begging for forgiveness.

We don’t really wish to sell this Calibre of Powerful Shaitaneen Jinns bearing in mind the despair it could cause the innocent.

Yet We have customers who from time to time ask for such Khodams due to personal reasons.

Our job is to provide our clients with what they want and not to judge anyone as judgement is reserved for the Almighty.

All we ask is please use this Jinn responsibly and not in a reckless manner. 🙏

* We have only 1 piece available on hand.

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