3 carats Black Opal Gemstone Dark Paras Princess Djinns Khodamic Ring believed to be most excellent for Material Abundance, Financial Well-being, Revealing Prophecies , Sixth Sense Premonitions, Good luck and Fortune, Prosperity and much more


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A very evening to all Brothers and Sisters.

I’m very excited to share with you about a completely new kind of Khodams that i had first come across and discovered back in August Last year.

The Dark Paras Ifrit

Paras is the Vedantic Word for the Mystical Philosophers Stone that is believed to have the power of Transmutation.

Paras is believed to have changed stones, base metals into Gold when such materials came into physical contact with it.

Hence this Quality came to my mind more than 3 years ago when I first chose to call a specific type of Djinn or Jinn, Paras as their spiritual Qualities matched what they are able to do for their Would be Owners.

Now as you all know the Paras Djinn have always been very popular with our Customers.

We have never mentioned the Dark Paras Ifrit before until August Last Year.

Well that is simply because I never knew they existed earlier this year when I caught a glance at the First Dark Paras Khodamic Ring back in late June 2022.

I was quite impressed and took a long time to gather as much information as I had about it.

Once I had been throughly convinced that this is indeed something new and powerful I then proceeded to try and acquire as many as I could.

In the end during the month of August Last Year I had 4 Dark Paras Khodamic Rings

On the very day we posted about the four Dark Paras, they were immediately sold out on the same day.

I was quite surprised by the demand, and as a result of much demand for it, I do try to find more for our customers.

For this Ring of the Dark Paras , it is believed to reside in a beautiful 3 carats Black Opal Gemstone set in a handmade 925 Ring. The Ring is very well made and I will let the Pictures do justice to the beauty of the craftsmanship.

The Khodamic Entity is believed to be a Princess of her Kind.

Now to call the Dark Paras Djinns would be erroneous because these Beings are Ifrit by nature. These means that the Dark Paras is significantly stronger than an Ordinary Paras Djinn.

They are the True Immortal Giants of the Khodamic World.

I shall now begin to describe what I have for you today and the Dark Paras’s known Attributes as per what I know

First off, the 3 Carats,Black Opal selected has good fire 🔥, there are tones of Red, Green, Blue, Orange and more when examined under the light. The Vivid Colourful Hues of the Black Opal do justice to the many layers of the Dark Paras Prince Rich personality.

To explain a bit about the Opal Gemstone, in Vedic Astrology the Navratna of Venus or Shukra is the Diamond and its Upratna or Secondary Substitute Stone is the Opal.
Some believed that the Opals are even more powerful in their effects as compared to the Diamond and carry less restrictions of wearing.

The Gemstones, Diamond and Opal is believed to be governed by Lord Indra, the King of the Devaloka.

The Opal and Diamond attracts Power, Wealth, Prosperity, Material Abundance and Bliss.

The Chosen Gemstone for such a Khodamic Being like the Paras and Dark Paras Djinns is a most interesting Observation that is actually a Science of Sorts.

If one would notice, the Djinns,ie the Khodamic Beings tend to Choose the Vessels that Best Reflect their Own inner Qualities ,Abilities and Character.

The Dark Paras Princess is believed to be a Most Powerful Entity not to be trifiled with

These Beings are known for their No Nonsense Approach.

They have DIRECT and STRONG Intervention into the Lives of their Owners and are believed to be extremely Ruthless in the Khodamic World in achieving whatever Goals they have set their minds on attaining.

The Dark Paras is an Ifrit Entity who covets Money and Gold, Wealth and Riches.

They like to be surrounded by such opulence and grandeur that they are known to rapidly alter their Owner’s surroundings to match the same when they don’t like what they see. This is Directly how it is believed the Owner of a Dark Paras Djinn benefits. It is by simply being in Association and Company of such a Powerful Entity.

The above is my observations and reasons why You are believed to be able to just sit back and kick up yr legs whilst ample changes occur around you.

It is believed of this Dark Paras Princess the following attributes,

Opportunities and Wealth are believed to surround you at every turn.

Each Opportunity is known to be a Golden One whereby you can make the most out of it to significantly enjoy positive changes and Material rewards.

These Dark Paras are Dark because they are not content with just possessing Wealth, the Dark Paras also has the ability to suck away Good Luck and Fortune, Positive energies from any places or even people who they deem to be having a very lucky streak.

They gather their powers by accumulating such energies which they then very cunningly bestow onto their Owners.

It is strongly believed that Woe Betide a Person whom has tried to Cheat, Steal or otherwise manipulate the Owner of a Dark Paras Khodamic Entity.



The Dark Paras Ifrite are true Rulers of their World.

One Dark Paras is said to be in control at any one time over 30 to 60 Paras Ifrits.

Our Black Opal Princess Dark Paras is believed to be in control of 1600 plus Guardian Paras Ifrits.

As some of you may know the Black Opal is a very expensive and costly Gemstone yet nothing less would accommodate such a fine Khodamic Being. For those who aren’t aware, kindly do make a quick check online to verify what I’ve mentioned.

Yet I have significantly covered the costs and have only priced these Rings to cover the bare minimum of costs so that I may pass on the savings to you.

Now to quickly recap a bit of history, the Paras Djinns are believed to be in charge of all the world’s Silver and Gold , Vast Hidden Treasures, Underground Gems and all things Valuable since the dawn of time.

These Riches are believed to exist on both on the Physical and Spiritual Realms.

* So the Dark Paras Princess to my understanding is a Super Charged “Roided up Genetic Freak of a Paras Ifriteen with a very Ruthless streak who doesnt take no for an answer, does not compromise for her Owner and make damn well sure to achieve what she set out to do at any cost where Wealth and Material Comforts and Abundance is concerned for her Owner.

To wear a Dark Paras to Houses of where games of Chances are played, haha well that would just be a very naughty thing to do …..

Much more may be said but I’ll keep some information secret for the would be Owners this time as well.

This Write up is COPYRIGHTED by Phra Pirab Occult Specialist Pte Ltd on 07/03/2023 @11:51hrs

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