14.45 Carats Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Khodamic Ring of Al’Malik Muzlim Jaruda, strongly believed to be most excellent for Inner Strength, Power, Superb Protection, Prestige, Wealth, Windfall. Abundance, Prosperity and more


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The King of Dark Garudas, Al’Malik Muzlim Jarudaz,

Dear Brothers and Sisters I have a most Special Khodamic Ring to introduce to all of you today.

I believe the Fates and Destiny conspire one in a blue moon to deliver something truly astounding.

This is one such Occasion. Had things been different I would not write about this Ring today but instead would have kept it for myself but alas I already own a Yellow Sapphire Ring
and as I worship the Naga I am unable to take this.

Here is why I was so attracted,

I have dealt with many Garuda And Dark Garuda Khodamic Rings over the past few years.

This is the first time I have come across a True King. A True Khodamic King is an Entity who is born to be King, there can be none before him and none after him , he is believed to be the the Biggest, the Strongest and the Most Powerful amongst them all.

The King of Dark Garudas, Al’Malik Muzlim Jaruda,

This is the case here.

It is believed that J****, the Great Garuda King resides in this 14.45 Carat Clarity Enhanced Yellow Sapphire Gemstone.

I’ll let the Pictures do the Talking to show you the Appeal and Attraction of this Khodamic Ring, that is Easier.

The Gemstone has been set in a handcrafted 925 Silver Ring and for me, the Gemstone to my perception glows and vibrates with Barely Restrained Raw Power.

By Purposeful Design we have carefully comissioned a Silver Ring with engraved Special Sigils on both the Shoulders of The Ring.

This is to infer the Royal Title of the True King that Befits this Dark Garuda King, Al’Malik Muzlim Jaruda.

The Garuda Khodam by itself is known to be one of the Most Powerful Type of Khodamic Beings ever known to be in existence.

The Garuda Khodams are believed to be the Enforcers of the Khodamic World and all Khodams are known to fear and respect the Garuda Khodam.

By that extension, it is believed this True King is the Undisputed King of all. He is known to be the Most Powerful type of Khodam there is and that we have ever come across.

It is strongly believed that all manners of Accomplishments will come naturally to the wearer of such a Ring as we have here.

Whatever is imagined or desired by the Wearer is known to be speedily achieved by the Blessings of this Dark Garuda King.

What can I say , all heads must bow to the One True King.

I dont know if you will realise what is here today , I can only say, This King is Worth it, he is That Once in a Lifetime Catch.

The Garuda is Believed to be the Favoured Mount of Lord Vishnu. That same spark Garuda Energy and Essense is known to Locked within this Yellow Sapphire Gemstone.

The Dark Garuda King is known to be a Guardian like no Other.

It is believed that the Wearer will not know Suffering, Poverty, Disease or Sickness for as long as this Khodamic Ring is Worn.

It is believed Existing Sicknesses will gradually be removed with this Khodamic Ring and Great Spiritual, Material and Physical Changes await the Lucky Owner of this Khodamic Ring.

I cannot say more as words will not do justice to the narrative but I will promise you this, whomsoever wears this ring will immediately feel for himself what I’m trying to express here myself.

Blessed be Whomsoever Is Fated to get the Ring of the One True King. 🙏Al’Malik Muzlim Jaruda.

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