12 Carats, Trillion Cut Blue Sapphire Gemstone Al’Mukhlis Khodamic Ring 12 Carats, Trillion Cut Blue Sapphire Gemstone Khodamic Ring of Al’Mukhlis , The Redeemer believed to bestow New Opportunities for Growth, Financial Well-being, Remove Obstacles, Spiritual Enlightenment , Wish Granting and much more


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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A very Good Morning to all of you. I am back again and very pleased to introduce to all of you the Al’Mukhlis Khodamic Ring. Al’Mukhlis means The Redeemer.

My Conjurer had been very careful to choose a Very Nice looking Blue Sapphire Gemstone for the Al’Mukhlis Khodam. It is about 12 Carats, Trillion Cut and its looks extremely beautiful and Vivid. Pls do note the Stone is Treated to achieve such amazing Clarity.

The design of the Ring is exceptional and can be viewed from my pictures. Made from 925 Silver,

This Ring is known to be worn on the little finger or the ring finger most ideally, then on e index or middle finger for maximum effect. It is highly polished for a brilliant look.

It is believed According to the Vedic 9 Planet System that the Blue Sapphire Gemstone should only be worn in Silver if one wishes to achieve maximum benefit from the Gemstone.

The Blue Sapphire is called the Bhagya Vidhata or Life Destiny Altering Gemstone as it is believed to be the Only Gemstone capable of dramatically changing one’s life for the better.

Now let me talk about Al’Mukhlis The Redeemer.

It is believed the Khodamic Entity is a Female, she was worshipped as a Goddess by many tribes of People since ancient times. She is believed to be as old as Creation itself and has witnessed the Wars in Heavens between the Angels and Iblis’s Armies.

* Al’Mukhlis is considered to be known as the Great Redeemer to the people who worshipped her, it was believed that when there was no way out of a Predicament or when Troubles seemed insurmountable or when all Hope was Lost, it is then that the people of past would Invoke Al’Mukhlis for her help and blessings to overcome these issues.

Al’Mukhlis was known to be a very popular Goddess as it is believed that whomsoever called apon Her help with Faith and Sincerity, they always had their wishes fulfilled.

Al’Mukhlis is believed to have be originally from a region called Alexandria and has been known by as many names in as many places.

She is believed to be able to bestow the wearer with the following blessings,

Present the Wearer with New Opportunities for Growth

Improve the Financial Well-being of the Wearer

Bail the wearer out of whatever troubles, he or she is facing be it, Physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Bless and alter the path of destiny according to the wishes of the Wearer so that the Wearer is able to enjoy maximum benefits

Remove Obstacles and Troubles from the Wearer’s life

Get rid of Negative Energies, Entities, Bad Luck and Misfortune easily

Protect against all bad things, Nourish to reach the wearer’s fullest potential and Guide in life’s journey.

Teach the Arcane Secrets of the Veil and help the Wearer achieve Enlightment.

Bestow Great Attraction and Charming Abilities to the Wearer to make them irresistible to whomsoever the Wearer wishes to attract and engage with.

Bestow the power of speech to the wearer thus making it very hard to say No to when wearer request for something to be done or for someone to listen to him or her.

There is alot more that can be said but suffice to say as Al’Mukhlis is believed to be a Goddess I think Wish Granting is in her Realm of Possibility hence any or all wishes of the Wearer may be granted.

Al’Mukhlis is believed to be a Goddess who is able to help the Wearer redeem themselves in their own eyes and in the eyes of society by propelling the wearer to great heights of success.

* Do take note, the Khodamic Ring of Al’Mukhlis is no Ordinary Khodamic Gemstone Ring yea. Although it’s is believed this is a very Beneficial Khodamic Ring, pls be aware that Al’Mukhlis is a very Active and Talkative Energy. She is Known to be very active in letting herself and her energy be felt. The Wearer is known to hear her voice, whispers, see visions and much more when her Khodamic Ring is worn.

This may be overwhelming for some people so do take caution.

For the seasoned adept, this is a true Treasure Trove. I highly recommend the Blue Sapphire Khodamic Ring of Al’Mukhlis if rapid change for the better is required.

Priced at a firm $600 , no negotiations as our Gemstone is most excellent. View to appreciate

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