10 Carats Brazilian Amethyst Emerald Cut Khodamic Gemstone Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni Eternal Lover Jinns are Believed to be excellent for Mood, Emotion Manipulation, Loving Kindness, Attraction and Love Binding Attraction between Couples


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Good Afternoon Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am very happy to be able Source for and find once more the Eternal Lovers Khodamic Ring after an absence of nearly two months, the Legendary Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni.

The last time I posted about these type of Khodams mire than 2 years ago there was great demand and the subsequent reviews proved to be very good as well. However to find such Khodamic Entities is very rare and took a long time to source which is nearly 2 years to find again.

Then in September this year I managed to find two more of such Khodamic Rings which were sold out a day after being posted.

Due to alot of Demand for this Type of Khodamic Ring I ordered more but alas I have only managed to find just one more such Khodamic Ring of the Legendary Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni.

I have here with me a 10 Carats Brazilian Amethyst Emerald Cut Gemstone set in a 925 Silver handcrafted Silver Ring. This is a stunning example of workmanship at its most elegant. The Old World Charms of handcrafted Rings are finely showcased in this example. The Brazilian Amethyst is believed to be the finest type of Amethyst to be found as it is highly treasured for its deep rich colours as you can see from the pictures attached here.

Within this Exquisite Amethyst Gemstone it is believed resides the Legendary Lovers Marid Jinn couple.

These Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni are believed to be the original inspiration for the vastly popular Thai Amulets known as the InnKoo.

The Innkoo is also known to be the Thai symbiotic Ancient Animist Supernatural Lovers that has been much written and raved about. Well the Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni is believed to be the Entities that inspired the Innkoo amulets and lore.

This 10 Carat Brazilian Amethyst Emerald Cut Gemstone Ring is believed to reside a Male Marid who is believed to be 14660 and a Female Marid aged 14100 years old.

These Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni are believed to have their origins from one of these tribes called the Sam*** ( The name of the Tribe will be revealed to the Owner. )

These Marid Eternal Lover Jinns are believed to be the Single Most Powerful Type of Jinns after the Ifrits and belong to the Marid species who were called Giants due to their Great Size and Power.

* Please take note that These Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni Lover Khodams are believed to be extremely effective for Opposite Sex Attraction Purposes, to Improve the Bonds of Relationship between Couples, Lovers, Friends, Colleagues and Business Associates, and also to build Excellent Rapport with others who come into contact with the Master of the Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni

* One of the Speciality of these Khodams is believed to be that they are very talented and skillful in inducing feelings of attraction towards the Owner and are known to make people whom the Owner is attracted to, fall in love with the Owner, be spellbound and besotted with the Persona of the Owner.

* This is why they were in such great demand previously and that is also probably why we got some great reviews for the same in the past.

It is believed that the Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni
ensure that Great Charisma and a Mesmerising personality be bestowed onto the Owner and the Owner never be without the company and attention of members of the Opposite Sex.

This Works for both Male or Female as well as Male to Male and Female to Female.

It is strongly Believed that the Owner of this Khodamic Rings may affect those He or She desires in such a way that They will be completely charmed by the Owners Mannerisms and Ways.

The Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni Eternal Lovers Marid Jinn Couple are believed to be most capable of finding Your fated Soul Mate and getting them into your Life wherever they might be in this Universe.

They are also suitable for those without any female companions and those who have difficulty finding a mate.

These Splendid Lovers Khodams are believed to invite Attractive Lovers to fall for the Wearer and they are said to Increase of Metta Maha Saneh ( Pengasih ) and Ren Yuan ( Pelaris ) ability of the Owner.

Its is believed that the Owner or Master of Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni will always appear Charming to Others, being able to easily Attract Customers and Admirers from afar.

It is further Believed that these Marid Jinn Khodams may also be of Great Help for Married Couples who often Argue and Fight with Each Other, Abuse or are in Situations where one of the Spouse keeps hinting at getting a Divorce then in such a Case, One may also keep this Khodamic Ring in the Bedroom and its believed that very soon after Your Relationship will be very smooth sailing and Harmonious with the Blessings of the Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni.

This is the very blessing that gave rise to some of the great reviews we got 2 years ago as some customers used the earlier Khodamic Rings purchased from us to help remove Tensions and resolve the Differences in their Relationship.

To the Owner of this Most Desired Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni will be revealed detailed instructions on how to use the Abilities of the Khodams as well as their Origins and Names.

Feel free to scan.

I only have these 1 Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni Rings available.

The Gemstones are unheated and untreated, Natural and of the Highest Quality. Not to mention that an Emerald Cut Amethyst has to be of a Superior Quality to be able to cut and shape into.

So this is indeed a great Deal, priced at $400. I expect this Khodamic Ring of the Legendary Tua’ Mul Ahaabi Marid Lovers Al jinni.
to sell out super fast.

Thank you

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