10 Carat Blue Sapphire Gemstone Khodamic Ring of Malika Aladhi La Yumkin, believed to be for Absolute Power, Prestige, Success, Formidable Protection, Career Success and Life Progress.


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Al’malika ‘Iifrit Aladhi La Yumkin Hazimatuh.

The Queen Ifrit who cannot be defeated.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, greetings to all of you.

Today we have with us a most Special and Captivating Genuine Blue Sapphire Gemstone Khodamic Ring.

The Blue Sapphire itself is approximately 10 carats in size.

It is Cushion Cut, with a deep royal blue color.

Gemstone is heat treated with Colour diffusion to bring out the Shine.

This Attractive Gemstone has been set in a sterling 925 silver ring.

The design of the ring is traditional classic with emphasis given on clean lines and on bringing out and showcasing the glitter of the high Purity silver being used.

The design is minimalist yet classic with great attention paid to details. The ring is entirely handmade from start to finish.

This Khodamic ring is truly eye catching and stands heads and shoulders apart from the rest.

And why shouldn’t it be?

We have a most rare and unique Khodam which is believed to reside within this Blue Sapphire Gemstone.


Al’malika ‘Iifrit Aladhi La Yumkin Hazimatuh the Second.

The Queen Ifrit who cannot be defeated. She is Wife to a King going by the same name who we chanced apon 2 years ago.

This Royal Ifrit Queen like the King is believed to have descended from a Pure Bloodline of Warrior Ifrits since the dawn of Creation.

The Al’malika ‘Iifrit Aladhi La Yumkin Hazimatuh is named thus because she is the Second Half of a Pair of Ifrits who are believed to be undefeated.

This Royal Warrior Queen is believed to be undefeated in Spiritual combat and warfare since her creation.

She is believed to be as old as the time when the Angels fought in heaven.

Of those fallen angels who fell to earth , She and her Mate are believed to have waged war with the strongest of them and helped banished them to the bowels of the earth which some people today call hell.

At this point some might be wondering if this Ifrit Queen is so powerful then how did she get conjured and bound to this Blue Sapphire vessel.

Well the simple answer to this is that she did not do so easily.

The Al’malika ‘Iifrit Aladhi La Yumkin Hazimatuh

The Queen Ifrit who cannot be defeated had already chosen this particular rock of blue sapphire gemstone as her vessel since thousands of years ago.

When this Particular Piece of Blue Sapphire Gemstone was discovered, it was then cut and faceted to become 3 distinct gemstones.

One of the Gemstones is believed to have been used to house the King and his Khodamic Ring was sold sometime in 2021 November to a lucky bro at ppos. After nearly 2 Years the Queen is known to have decided to move on and thus is believed to have given her Consent to be conjured with the intention of helping 1 lucky individual who would become her Ward.

It is believed that these 3 particular pieces of Gemstones were the only ones that remained unsold when first discovered.

Whomsoever that would purchase these gemstones would promptly return it back giving various reasons for the return citing uneasiness, bad dreams, seeing a huge dark shadow and experiencing discomfort.

By and by it passed many hands until these gemstones are known to finally found their way to our conjurer who is widely respected for his ability to tame such “wild gemstones”.

It is believed that it was then that Al’malika and Al Malik ‘Iifrit Aladhi La Yumkin Hazimatuh ,the Queen and King Ifrit who cannot be defeated were discovered by our conjurer.

After much appeasement and negotiations, this Powerful Warrior Queen struck a bargain with our conjurer.

She the warrior ifrit Queen like her King would allow this 10 carat blue sapphire gemstone to be used to make a Khodamic ring on one condition, that whomsoever the Khodamic ring was handed over to would be someone whom the Al’malika ‘Iifrit Aladhi La Yumkin Hazimatuh Ifrit Queen personally approved of.

If she the ifrit Queen liked the new owner of this Khodamic ring, she would grant her blessings and help fulfill all the desires of that Person.

This ring has been in our possession for exactly 5 months now.

We had close to 15 Blue Sapphire Gemstone Khodamic Rings together with this Particular Ring when it was brought in.

Most of the Blue Sapphire Khodamic Rings got sold out within a few days.

All except this ring, which followed the same pattern we had experienced earlier back in 2021 when we encountered the King.

Our customers who have been to our shop and purchased the other blue sapphire Khodamic rings gave feedback that they either never noticed this ring or felt very uneasy or afraid of this ring without knowing the reason why. Hmm, of course I know why that would be given that I experienced the same thing happening in November 2021 with the King. So I smiled and said maybe it’s meant for someone else.

Again, to confirm just like I had in 2021 with the King, i made contact with this Queen and came to understand that this Queen would choose her owner by herself. She asked for my patience and time to allow the process to happen naturally and by and by we made a mini mutual agreement to publish this Write up and let potential owners be aware of her Khodamic Ring

It was explained to me that this Al’malika ‘Iifrit Aladhi La Yumkin Hazimatuh, The Queen Ifrit who cannot be defeated is believed to serve as a most loyal Friend to the Owner of her Khodamic Ring.

She would never be a servant, or otherwise be enslaved.

In return it is strongly believed that Al’malika ‘Iifrit Aladhi La Yumkin Hazimatuh , the Queen Ifrit who cannot be defeated would bless the Owner with the below following,

– Extremely Formidable spiritual protection against all evil energies, black magic or sihir, against all demons, spirits and black entities.

– great luck, good fortune, wealth and abundance, prosperity is known to be infinite to the person who can befriend this Queen

-Wish granting and fulfillment of desires

– Protection from physical harm and spiritual attacks

– Guardianship to all family members

– Sixth sense premonition before anything bad is to happen to the Owner

– Improve and uplift social standing by creating an aura of respect and great authority

– full protection against the owner’s enemies and is believed to hurt or harm those who would seek to harm the owner and their family.

– Enter owners body and defend him or her against all sudden attacks and violence, remove owner from a dangerous situation immediately

– Bestow owner with invisibility so that he or she appears unseen by their enemies

As a Great Warrior Ifrit Queen who has remained undefeated in combat and warfare since eons ago, there are none that this Queen cannot banish.

It is believed that this Royal Queen together with her King at one time had Banished several evil Ifrits to the underworld amongst them being Eazazil, Baalzabu, Dumaree, Belees amongst Others.

Those who know how powerful the names of these beings are who had been banished by this Queen will immediately gain some understanding how powerful this Queen may be is.

As this was first communicated to me on the 10th of November 2021, when i first encountered the King , at that time there were heavy thunderstorms all over the island with strong winds and rains.

Now today again on the 13th of April 2023 at 09:56hrs in the Morning the Queen has communicated the same and it is believed she has said today, There will be Heavy Rains and a Thunderstorm again to mark her communication with me.

I dont know about you guys, but I’m packing an umbrella today.

In closing, Al’malika ‘Iifrit Aladhi La Yumkin Hazimatuh

The Queen Ifrit who cannot be defeated is believed to have many great abilities and even greater power.

To her owner would be explained her abilities and how to communicate with her.

There is only 1 available.

We wish all brothers n sisters the best of luck, if you can scan this Khodamic ring pls go ahead.

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